What happen to Nami? 

April 03 [Sun], 2011, 8:26
i finally got my computer to work again. thank the lorrrd!! well it's been a while since i've been on the internet, it's been like a few months! whuuuuuuut? anyways, my favorite singer used to be Nami Tamaki. she was my idol in the early years :) you know? back in the early 2000's. she's the one who actually influence me to like asian culture! she was the first asian artist i started listening to but over the years, she's changed alot. like ALOT. i missed her old songs that were the theme songs to animes. ); but in about 2009 and up, she started making her music more american ;/ I was like "awww man, what the hell." i was kind of okay with it but i started listening to her less and less until finally i just stopped and moved on to other artists.

today, i've seen my dreams completely crush i was surfing around on youtube and decided to listen to one of Nami's old songs & something caught my eye...I saw Nami with RED HAIR. don't get me wrong, her new look was very beautiful and edgy. ;) i really liked it. i thought "oh this new song should be great~" BUT BOY WAS I MISTAKEN.
the video i pressed wasn't an MV of her. it was just pictures of nami with the song's audio. I had to shield my eyes! i saw pictures of nami exposing herself! half naked pictures with her boobies showing!! I was like WHOA!
i was very disappointed, my heart sank while looking at the photos. she was my idol! out of all the artists in japan whove turn into porn stars, Tamaki Nami was like last person i think would take pictures like that. I mean, it's okay to change your style and music but wtf, you don't have to show your body like that.
I was soo sad all day but oh well, i've switched my interest into KPOP now because Nami broke my heart lol.
What happen to her I wonder.....? What cause her to do this? Oh well, that's some bullshit to me. ;/
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