he suddenly electricity y ù immortal yùdie.

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 1218th chapter draw power of Chen Jiantao he this time hand task ,must be very perfect finish it .
this chapter by as you pleased Chen Jiantao ,reached out his hand and took up the painting of the time ,there was a voice . If I were you ,not interested in the picture . Chen Jiantao was shocked, hand quickly picked up an electric batons ,and then rapidly turn ,the electric batons to go behind .
According to his judgment ,the voice from behind ,then people will surely be their batons stamp to vertigo .But he misjudged Timberland Classic 3 Eye Shoes Cheap,behind a man without .Before absolutely empty ,electric batons stamp in a vacant place .
Please stamp the quasi one point . The man ,rang .Chen Jiantao forehead cold .He slowly turned around ,see the left-hand side ,one dressed in police uniform ,standing there .At the ghost .
Of course ,Chen Jiantao is not aware of such a spell ,thought it was really a policeman . Did not think of ,I rather do a lifetime of thieves ,the first to fall to the police . There is a saying that good ah .
The Qin Dynasty stood aside, shook the hands of the handcuffs , often in the river walk ,which have not wet shoe .The thief comrade, I give you copy it, or your own ? I leave it to you to yourself ! Chen Jiantao then pulls out a m í smoke bombs,throw out .
White s è smokesoon enveloped in the exhibition hall .Chen Jiantao himself wearing the mask ,it is not natural .But he looks in ,the police fell on the scene, also didn appear .He was still smiling standing there ,looking at myself .
Well ,now you have more than one count ,resisting arrest . Qin said . How ,how could ... ... Chen Jiantao just feel incredible .This m í smokeis j ī ng heartconfiguration ,even an elephant can down .
How he will not have something ?Odd ! How can you be okay? Because I fear the rain people police . The Qin Dynasty played a ha ha , it seems that you are not going to plead guilty ,then I have to give you a hand .
Then, he walked two steps ,handcuffs dangling .Although Chen Jiantao did not know why the police did not fear m í smoke,but he wouldn await one .His hand electric batons ,toward the Xi ō ngbore to play .
This electric batons if poke real words, in his absolute no problem Karen Millen Multi Coloured Dresses UK!But let him again by the scene ,but the electric batons stabbed on the other side of the Xi ō ng port,but a bit effect has not appeared .
He was still smiling ,the cuff himself with electric batons in the wrist .Chen Jiantao was very surprised, Murphy electric batons to forget to charge ?How could it, such things are small Xin do .
The C à o,this boy is so careless ,even such things to forget ?He went back to his mouth ,fan !To his surprise ,take electric batons ,on myself try .This trial ,he suddenly electricity y ù immortal yùdie.
Chen Jiantao inverted out ,then fall to the ground .Current on him constantly wandering ,electric him weak . Why ,how ,how ,do ... ... He even if a bit is not clear ,the body by more than ch ō U.
You can you this ,and masochistic tendencies . The Qin Dynasty put out his hand, take the other one up to beat up Chen Jiantao .But at this time, Chen Jiantao came together with all his might, reared up ,hit in the Qin Dynasty .
The Qin Dynasty step did not retreat North Face Women's 2 In 1,that Chen Jiantao had two steps back ,hit the side of the booth .His hand ,just through the glass ,in the black and white heaven canvas .Suddenly ,one black and one white two light ,down his arm ,palm ,spread to his heart .
The Qin Dynasty immediately big Jing ,a nine psi clutches ,interrupt the arm of Chen Jiantao .Black and white two light stop delivery North Face Realization Jackets Sale,subsides .The canvas ,was again at peace .The Chen Jiantao fell to the ground ,the body in a continuous ch ō utwitch .
In the office landlords Qin and Rosie looked at each other . Not good Timberland Womens Winter Snow Boots,force out ! The Qin Dynasty stood up ,said , Rosie ,you here to stay . Then ,he build flash ,appear in the exhibition hall .
Then ,a hand grabbed Chen Jiantao ,using nine secluded tarantula ability ,pass the space ,appears in the desert . Oh ! At this time, that Chen Jiantao made a sudden roar ,only one arm ,playing in the Qin Dynasty Xi ō ng mouth,the Qin Dynasty played a few steps backwards .
Before six the strength !The Qin Dynasty eyes narrowed ,he did not think of ,is only absorbed a residual power ,which Chen Jiantao can enter to record six realm .Then Chen Jiantao opened his eyes ,pupil one black and one white ,very strange .
At the same time ,his back ,one pair of wings .Also one black and one white ,with black and white impermanence body like . Roar ! He shouted angrily ,broken left hand ,grow a black s èarms.
This must have been force, but it burned the head .His black s èarmagainst the Qin Dynasty, try to use the power of the mind to strangle the police .But ,no matter how hard he seems not to have the effect of thoughts ,like, the Qin Dynasty is still standing there .
Ho ho ! Entirely from a kind of instinct, Chen Jiantao was twice ,body moment in the Qin Dynasty .At the same time ,the right hand off white s è impactB ō ,direct impact on the Xi ō ngbefore Qin dynasty .
When the ! Clear impact sound .The Diamond Sutra be secure against assault ,he is still standing there .At the same time ,the Qin Dynasty put out a hand ,wrapped in white s è glove,according to the Chen Jiantao .
His record is seven ,even without Kowloon Kai ,as can solve this by the angelic forces of man . Give me burst ! The other hand grasps the fist ,hard hitting Chen Jiantao in the Xi ō ngexport .
Bang ! The Chen Jiantao of the lower body, is directly blown to the ground R ò U.Nine the mastodon power ,too large .He alone under the upper body ,face pain ,looking across the Qin dynasty .
Save ,save me ... ... His consciousness was regained some ,with endless pain ,to Qin pleaded . I can . The Qin Dynasty but shook his head , is this all you do the sin . Then, the palm of the hand, become bling .
In this life, let me out of you . Then, diamond palm launched .Huge foli ,filled in the Chen Jiantao body .His soul ,directly by foli to salvation ,out of two Angel force moment of entanglement ,from that only half of the body .
And the two Angel force without a soul boarding ,but along the palm ,jumped into his body .It shows two angel ,went to Qin body ramming Lu à n. Little angel force ,dare and my God force to contend with? The Qin Dynasty but with a sneer ,in the power of God start ,rapid disintegration of the two angel force .
Then ,the disintegrate residual strength ,absorption and utilization .This is the power of God is powerful .Event all forces, can then accommodate digestion .Because of the power of God itself is h ú n initialstrength ,time is all the power of the initial shape .
The Qin Dynasty ,is to return to the original form of various forces ,and then to become their own strength .The origin of the universe forces ,nature than the so-called immortal million times stronger .
Do ? He returned to the office, and asked Rosie ICE . Well ,however ,you need to clean the battlefield . The Qin Dynasty a nod of the head .He looked at Rosie, remember the painting the remnants ,couldn shaking his head .
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