In the case of their own decision-making

January 17 [Thu], 2013, 11:50
In the case of their own decision-making are very vague to the specific role of Beijing, then following the implementation of the specific work is that there is no way to start, unable to carry out effective work. There are many institutions idiscount air jordan spiz'ike    
n Beijing, however is to set up a Beijing office to similar institutions, in order to understand the publishing trends, national policies, industry information. Beijing is not a business focus, it is difficult to effectively play the strategic significance of Beijing, became the Intelligence Ministry. The other hand, a lot of the success of the Group are step-by-step strategy step by step, putting down roots in Beijing, the business focus level planning gradually transferred to a Beijing company. Such as the the Wenxuan Times Group in this regard have been leading the industry the Straits Group also followed. And also invested heavily in the company in Beijing, Careers. This kind of input will be reflected in a few years after a huge competitive and strategic advantage.2 the publishing agency decision-making layer Beijing motivation. Many institutions set in Beijing, not to the business needs. But to performance needs, doing performance data, do face, do to the higher-level units do look to the leadership. What is more, it is pocketed by the Beijing company, for personal gain. In this case, the Beijing unit certainly can not effectively conduct business, it is difficult to make a real achievement.3 salary. Although it is set up in Beijing community agencies, but many publishing units, salary, benefits, training, promotion mechanisms still used in the standard of their places of origin. For example, 10 years a social the Beijing Divdiscount jordan cp3.iv shoes    
ision editing wages was less than 2,000 yuan, the buckle finish insurance, etc., almost equal to the minimum wage in Beijing. Salary in their places of origin may be able to barely life in Beijing is absolutely not enough basic livelihood protection. But because of the geographical limitations of the management, as well as under the system of rigid wage. So many organizations in Beijing sector salary is difficult to produce competitive, can not attract top talent to join. Also nobody available because of the limitations of the salary, without talent assisted embarrassing situation.4. Personnel issues. BJO due to various factors, managers, real power, many of which are coming from the indigenous presence. Therefore a lot of people to overlord itself, think things are superior to others, and the Beijing local recruitment employees can not be harmonious. Easy to generate a lot of barriers because of the limitations of thinking, values ??differences, cultural differences and even contradictions. In geographical and stationed relationship often cause within the company can not be united, can not play the team's biggest strength.5. Values, living environment, a matter of habit. Here the outset no geographical discrimination, simply stated problem. Beijing's fast pace of life, higher efficiency, but many publishers of origin is relatively slow and often can not be equipped with high-speed operation of inefficient work rhythm and work in Beijing, and finally result in a Beijing institution idling, a lot of the work card in the process of origin and inefficient. Waste of human, material and financial resources. There are differences in values ??caused by doing things guidelines. Beijing has its own unique culture, and because it is the capital, broaden the horizon to look at the issue, drop-eye point will be more macro, the bigger picture is strong. Do market the country as a regdiscount jordan melo m8 shoes    
ional publishing look for the direction of the world. But because of geographical relations of origin, tend to look at the issue more limitations, more narrow-minded. Fall focus narrow look at the issue more microscopic. Did not control for large problems awareness, they focus on their own
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