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November 10 [Thu], 2011, 14:47
"Do not look in Wenzhou, Wenzhou shoes industry organization in the many well-known isn't high, but she's the industry in the united states have a high reputation." Shoes Chamber of Commerce in Wenzhou interview, employees smiled and told reporters.
Indeed, like a specialized equipment for that shoe industry shoe machine industry, although only for supporting the shoe industry, and the annual output worth of Wenzhou shoes industry, only 20 billion yuan in Wenzhou don't let yourself be worried about. However, the "small man" of Wenzhou shoe machine market is following in Italy, Taiwan along with a world-class post-production base of trainers, were the first in the industry isn't small.
Innovative exhibition style so Wenzhou shoes
WU Xinmin, president of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, said shoe machine, shoe machine industry and the footwear industry is closely related to the relationship between your two are interdependent. Many industries in the present economic crisis have been the case, shoes machine market is doing everything possible to handle scientific and technology,UGG Classic Tall Grey Boots 5815
research and also the best shoes, and shoe with the tide over the crisis.
Wenzhou shoe machinery shoe production machine products, incorporate a shoe design, the machine helps equipment, molding equipment to the soles of installation, the whole shoe decoration and laboratory equipment of all the shoe line products, fully designed with output capacity of the whole plant. Many enterprises within the level of product technology, production management and marketing on their very own characteristics, the brand new product after another, many corporate research products and patented a device to fill the gaps, to achieve the international advanced level.
Held recently at the shoe show in Taizhou, Wenzhou style exhibition of recent shoes. Merchants visited your a company's automated cutting room, suggests that the expansion of production should be ordered after the new equipment.
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Development of national standards to enhance their competitiveness
"First-class enterprise system standard, second-rate corporate brand, third-rate products, businesses do." For enterprises, the region of the revised system of national or industry standards, similar enterprises in the country before you fully demonstrate their firm size, technology and industry status.
Wenzhou Shoes Chamber of Commerce official said, the conventional formulation of UGG Classic Tall Mulberry Boots 5815
enterprise development is so important, therefore, Wenzhou shoe machine companies don't give up a chance to actively participate in the formulation of industry standards. According to the leather shoe machinery standardization Center, recently, China's new shoe machinery industry posted a total of 23 criteria, including local enterprises from Wenzhou shoe sole that's undertaken and completed as much as 14 tasks and honor.
Of course, Wenzhou shoes business investment in research that isn't too vague. It's understood the past three years, Wenzhou shoe machine industry to attempt or complete the national, provincial and municipal levels more than 20 science projects, may be the region with the highest resolve for similar studies. Alan Wenzhou shoes has assumed the Secretary of state for Science, "National Spark, Torch, concentrating on cool product projects" and "national technology innovation fund project", etc.; Wenzhou Ta Shun & Company for two consecutive years the Ministry of Science, "technology demonstration enterprises "honor. Wenzhou Shoes Chamber of Commerce members, won the "Provincial High-tech Enterprise" have three, won the "High-tech Enterprise" you will find seven, with provincial and municipal R & D center 3. At present, Wenzhou shoe machine industry output reached 60,000 sets, the output worth of about 20 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the domestic market, highlights the "Wenzhou shoes" of the powerful strength and brand effectiveness.
Baotuan exhibition highlights the brand
Wenzhou Shoes Chamber of Commerce since its inception more attention to the "Wenzhou shoes" from the regional brand, the famous show in the country, adhere to the overall image appears, so that the "Wenzhou shoes" continuously enhance the overall visibility in various show, exhibition Wenzhou team style., Respectively, from the Chamber of Commerce member companies took part in the Italy, India, Vietnam, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Qingdao along with other exhibitions.
In addition, to further expand the Wenzhou shoes influence in the international arena, Shoes Chamber of Commerce needs to make an application for the "China Shoes Capital" of the work of the the surface of the agenda, and in full swing, but also with the China Light Industry Machinery Association were effective communication. "China Shoes Capital" report this gold card if successful, it will surely Wenzhou shoe machine industry is a great encouragement and promotion.