2005年05月16日(月) 17時56分
Today I came down to Phoenix. All the way down here, I was thinking about my ex-boyfriend. He was always with me, mede me laugh, and so happy. He was my everything. I'm wondering what has happened to each of us. I don't know exactly, but we started to hurt each other from some day. We couldn't care about each of us, and always insist how much "I" hurt. We couldn't even imagine the pain which the other person got. And finally I made a huge mistake...yeah, he didn't care about me at all, and he said so many horrible things to me. And I hurt. But I left him without saying good-bye. He was trying to carry my laggage, but I refused. I had no care for him. I'm wondering how much I hurt him, and how he thought about me...this is a huge mistake I made

I know it was our really really last time that we can see each other, but I destroyed it. We can never see, because he doesn't want to be with me anymore, as far as I can guess. Yeah, he was my everything, and I was so happy to be his girlfriend. Eberybody says I have to move on, and forget about him, because love is accompanied with some kind of pain all the time. But I can't. Because he was the only one for me. He will live in my heart forever. Thank you Jocali and I will always love you. I thank you so much.

From today, I will write about us to just organize my feelings toward him. Then I can see what is important for me, right now. I will take a lot of time, but it will worth doing so. And when I finished writing, I will tell my dearest friend in the future that I still love you. I hope I can hear from him soon...but tonight I need to go to bed now. I will re-read the letters which he gave me when we were in love. Because it's important for memorizing him Anyway, good night, Jocali..
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