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August 24 [Sat], 2013, 11:02
; original as we tomb pie, is located in the hinterland of those in bottom, so of course is not easy to find, this netherworld ghost religion may also like this. (I want to & & Helen of Troy road). Yes. Chen Jinyuan a clap thigh, he had spent several hours, waste God consciousness will this piece of endless mountains almost for a time, rarely missed the place, but God knows only in the surface Canada Goose UK Outlet search, no thought of ghost Zong resident will be under the ground, but Helen of Troy remind yourself, you might just delay time. Hold Helen of Troy tried to kiss a mouth, a dragon, you are really smart, husband I love you to death! Disgusting. Helen of Troy rubbed his slobber, Qiaolian crimson watched Chen Jinyuan, Chen Jinyuan laughed, pull Helen of Troy small waist into the sky. Two white fluttering, turner head, if any man see, will shout avatar, this time Chen Jinyuan God consciousness almost into the ground at hundreds of meters, Mens North Face Waterproof even if the yellow sky hidden deep in the knowledge of God, and also will have no place to hide. Master, you see there? After more than a hour, Helen of Troy is pointing to a forest thin mountain to Chen Jinyuan road. Chen Jinyuan looked up, between the forest cover, had some light flashing, Dong Yi Tuo, Tuo Xi an, looks a lot. With Helen of Troy landed on the ground, with a look at the source, could not help but be transported with joy, the light source is a block stands a big stone, these big stone approximately one high, one piece as the stone forest in general. Just Chen Jinyuan also from here after, but also just thought it was a piece of stone, not very attention, is over, but look now, the stone carving of handwriting, but that this is not a natural stone, but a cemetery. That a piece of stone is a tombstone, covered the whole mountain, big and small, too many to count. Forest Parrotbill blame you. Desolate, with which a grave, looked very penetrating. But Chen Jinyuan is the heart happy, the tombstone although does not specify whether the owner of the tomb is the ghost of the cases, but imagine, this mountain ghost religion except. What will be built so many graves here. You laugh at Chen Jinyuan, carrying a piece of unknown birds disorderly escape, I found the tomb! Helen of Troy: since the cemetery here, that ghost Zong resident must not far from here, we search in the neighborhood. Be sure to find them! Chen Jinyuan nodded, God consciousness spread, covering a radius of ten miles, but no now, embrace Helen of Troy flying up in the air, around the Mountain Cemetery located in a radius of fifty circle, search, and finally in the northeast, a mountains arch around the mountain deep in the wrong. Hillside hidden but beautiful spot. Chen Jinyuan through the knowledge of God can see the great space in the hillside. There are also building in deep underground, even see people walking back and forth. Chen Jinyuan mouth with a grin, reservoir can be really secret ah, can North Face Denali Fleece Clearance Sale give you find! This ghost Zong resident living in the underground, reservoir and the vast endless mountains and hills, intra-abdominal also provided with anti instrumentation radar. It is the ordinary people, even countries to send troops;
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