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September 28 [Sun], 2014, 12:38
Feather Earrings - Fall 2011 Fashion Jewelry Trend

Feather earrings will become a major trend this fall. We see them everywhere on numerous celebs like Vaness Hudgens. High school musical beauty Vanessa Hudgens headlined in the style stakes with the boho-chic style - long triple feather earrings, boho hat and crochet topat the 2011 Coachella music festival. Vanessa is boho-chic fan, and she chose the triple feather earrings to complement her boho chic ensembles. Made with gold plated chains, the earrings feature three clusters of natural feathers that dangle freely from the ears.

70's inspired trends are coming back like flare and bell bottom jeans and wooden wedge heels, natural element feathers are naturally incorporated. Feather jewelry is actually a kind of perfect accessory to complement the boho chic ensembles.
Feather earrings could be made of feather of birds such as peacock, ostrich, parakeet etc. However, owing to increasing awareness against animal cruelty, these are slowly being replaced with artificial, faux feathers.
If you happen to have multiple ear piercings, feather earrings are so light that you could conceivably wear multiple pairs, as long as make sure they all are in coordination. Whether wear multiple pairs or just one, you'll be making a dreamlike, sumptious fashion statement with your feather earrings and be a trend setter.
Next we need to determine the colors of . Black, white are the two colors that never lose the appeal in fashion. Thus the two color feather earrings always look just right to pair with any outfit. And, you can also begin with some other neutral tones. From there you can branch out into everything from the classic peacock feather earrings to wild day-glo colors.
are always longer than other earrings. Long feather earrings are that the earrings with long feather drops, or the type with long chains, big gems or other dangling elements decorated with feather embellishments. For example, these earrings are both long, and have feathers, but the longest portion of the earring is not a feather.
Decadent feathers are perfect for that special event that requires something extraordinary. Choose the style that suits you best and make a grand entrance.

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