happy birthday to me!

July 22 [Mon], 2013, 12:33
Hi everyone !~ I know I haven't made a blog post in forever but it's not because I forgot .. but because I haven't had anything to blog about . Todays my birthday thought so I feel like I'm obligated to talk about it . Well, first off. I didn't do anything! I just went on the computer and browsed tumblr . I still am doing that now and it's 11:40pm ! Around 4pm or so my sister and mother sang me happy bday and we opened the gift I got and ate. We didn't cut the cake yet for whatever reason. I don't mind though, I'll save it for when I'm really hungry .

I got a few gifts from my mom! I got two dresses , some cute panties, makeup brushes, sandals, and money. I didn't ask her for anything except money so all that stuff was unexpected and nice!!! I asked my dad for quite a few things but he didn't get me anything except FOUR JUSTIN BIEBER TICKETS which i do not want at all. I asked for two for me and my bestfriend and I made sure it wasn't urgent and I said a few times all I truly needed was a new phone. I am upset that he'd go out of his way for something I didn't even hint at wanting and than not get me what I acctually wanted. I'd be content with nothing but a new phone! I'm going to sell those tickets if I have to.

Aside from birthday festivities, I have become an obsessed fan for an anime called Hunter x Hunter. It's not your typical shounen anime ! The storyline is perfect and not cliche, all the characters are loveable and well developed, the art is cute, and the yaoi fanservice is A+. I've read the manga twice , watched the play like five times, and I've rewatched the anime several times. I prefer the 1999 version alot over the current ongoing anime but I still love both! I have ever obsessed over an anime like this in my entire life. I asked my sister who's currently in Tokyo to buy me some hunter x hunter goods and she agreed. I cannot wait!! Honestly I can go on about this anime for years so I'll stop here. Thanks for reading all this and I'm sorry for the long absence . I just have an ever so boring life!
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