Lonely and full of incense

March 03 [Mon], 2014, 11:29

A light like leaves, for you alone, convergence!

When the melancholy when you least expect them to run, I feel the taste of missing; when the thoughts when you least expect them to think of, I feel the feeling of waiting; while waiting for the light inadvertently, I experience the taste of concern; when worries rose inadvertently, I taste the torture is what taste.

In this lonely summer, boring into the between heaven and earth the only pigment, but there are still a lot of things in the ruins in blossom, even the gray world, also tells the story of gem. Total around constantly, see about the people in my field of vision is wandering, to worship the hearts of war. When all is calm, I nirvana in the temple at the desolate, the scenery on yellow, inner express freedom advocate! Heartache is higher than the sad sigh, tearful burning heart, a beautiful sight on the reunion, light penetration into hope, also have shed the last drop of tears, but always can't forget!

Don't know how long? Only know the romantic themes are the best memories of my life! Dream, dream origin, although fuzzy, but very interested. No like or dislike, you don't speak sugared words, I also not considerate and gentle, flat faint, stumbled on the delivery of heart sounds. To me: like the flower soon withered withered flowers, once again by the dew watered again. Finally, flowers and opened; heart fills. I secretly said to myself: walk like this, not for forever, not extravagant Haikushilan, stalemate. Phase protection, peace of mind in peace. Hand in hand with buried once, concentric toward the future. Only wish, all the way to play happily. Hold your hand, no matter what the outcome, live in the present, live in the present. From a simple from really good! Buddha said: read from the heart, environment created by the heart! One, the spring, wind, read out, the mist cleared. If not for whom volume, light staining peach red, fragrant act alone, static if the water, like the clear. A singing girl, banish a fleeting light like, as long as you don't go, I will not give up. No one, just to be with you together. You, I was, to say and not say, like encounter and separation, but is a form, as long as to live, will be left traces, even the clear light, is an experience.

A cup of tea, a Buddhist see is Zen, Taoism to see is gas, Confucianism saw is the ceremony. Tea: I was a glass of water for you, only you think, what you think, what is what. For now my cup of tea, sweet like honey. This is the happiness and beauty! Life doesn't require that has complex, as long as you can be!

Keep quiet period of time is well, see the spring flowers, summer hot look, see autumn leaves fall off, see the snow fly, walk like this...... Happiness is actually very simple: something to do, something to look forward to. The next days, you have me, I have you, this is enough, this is very good!

What is the concept? What is love? Fengshengshuiqi, sail a, where a bank? When night comes, the quiet pain, the sky above the moon, still can miss, never fading. In the moonlight, the Caspian, miss can be everywhere, only edge heart buried deep. Remember the smile on your face, the happiness also wanders in my heart. My heart in think Yili walk, think we encounter, obsessed with the distance you, though far apart, but because of the far distance and more deep, lasting aroma. Only your breath in the air flow, with flowers, with the wind, the distance you ever smell. Do you like me?
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