ablo III - Witch Doctor Class Tips

September 20 [Thu], 2012, 11:36
Everyone is looking for some good tips for the latest Diablo game. The most important aspect of the game is knowing how to use each class to its fullest. Picking the right class for your play style is vital to one's success. One of the most diverse classes in Diablo III is the Witch Doctor. The Witch Doctor is a spell caster that utilizes voodoo magic to inflict damage and decimate their adversaries.
They're not exactly like the Necromancer class but they certainly depend on plenty of poisons and pain inflicting skills that are comparable.
A proven way to eliminate mobs rapidly is to master ways to hit and run. Witch Doctors possess skills such as acid and horrify clouds buy diablo 3 gold and poison darts, which do harm gradually. Therefore your competitors usually are not slain immediately and it really is essential to stay clear of them so the poisons can do their work.
Another great spell is mind control. This is an excellent way to control a crow because it makes opponents fight against each other which in turn makes it so much easier to kill them all.
If you do choose to be a Witch Doctor, make certain you put some protective gear on them otherwise you will not live long. It's not like playing with a Barbarian or a Monk. This class is much more fragile diablo 3 gold buy and you will need to make use of a great deal of strategy specifically once you get to the higher levels
You should also get used to hiding behind your minions such as the Zombie or Fetish army followers. Like the Necromancer in the other iterations of Diablo, summoning your monsters to do all the grunt work the way to go so at the same time you can destroy your foes with your spells. You may even summon your personal zombie dogs diablo 3 buy gold and order them to blow up near your enemies. Timing is crucial to this strategy.
You need to also understand how keep alive by making use of soul harvest. If you learn how to use these strategies you are going to live for a longer period in battle without having to run around to restock on your items.
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