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February 05 [Tue], 2019, 10:59


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Nail Biting


Any Indians 🇮🇳 ... ? ? ?

Pakistan must be boycotted & convicted by all world because there govt hasn't take any action on 26/11. The Hafiz sayid is there hero. And it is becoming terroristan....


The Indian Raid : No Redemption The Indian Raid : Thugee (With stunt doubles)

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Guys this event actually happened.... pls respect it...
मारो सालो आतंकवादियो को.... 72 हुर के पास भेज दो...
Taj has Fallen
I wish the kasab (terrorist) role was played by any pakistani actor...

Yes, if you come to India you'll see everything in yellow filter
This terrorist attack actually happened and this story needs to be told again and again. Not only Indians a lot of people from other nation were killed brutally by these terrorists. And these terrorist belonged to the one country I don't want to name. Instead of taking strict action against terrorism brewing in their country, they denied any role. When one of the terrorist was captured alive and hanged the now prime minister of that country was sad and demanded hanging of one of the Indian captives in their country. A few months ago the now prime minister said, that terrorist wasn't from their country. I seriously think the now prime minister of that country should stick to cricket only and quit politics..

Goosebumps, that too just for the trailer...... Looking forward for the movie....... Tribute to the unsung heroes.... 👌👌👍
Wish indian cinematography was this good..(Not all)....
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I really don't have the guts to see the horrifying incident again in a movie. I have had enough of documentaries and other movies.

HOTEL GAGARIN | Trailer Ufficiale del nuovo film di Simone Spada
declaring the Trivago jokes season opened
Hotel. Gagarin. amazon? prime
they must have like 26/11 movie thats why they made it again lol
Pop, Lock 'n Roll
Green Book


Swear to god I thought that was jus reign
Idris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor and John Boyega have all signed up for the sequel which will be set in a hotel in Nairobi. Too soon?
Movies based on true events are useless. Because you already know how the story will end. So they will inject the movie with stories god knows which one really happened and which are fictional and then people will talk about a real event and tell “facts” about it based on a movie! And that is how the truth gets lost..

Dev Patel finally gets nominated for an oscar, still only gets cast in Indian roles..
Honestly, I'm actually tired of how Hollywood always potrayed white man as a saviour in every movie.
Lion 2





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