Some Plans 

2007年08月03日(金) 20時10分
Long time no write...

10 days later, I will leave Japan and go to America.
This is the first time to trip to the US, so I'm so excited...
but also soooo nervous
Cos other members are superior
Some people used to live or study in America,
others are good at reading English,
others are member of buddy...
Most people are superior about English

I lost a confidence.

But I respect my members so much
I have to learn more,
and wanna be like them.

tomorrow, I will hang with my friends and hold "Nabe" party,
and then, I will stay my friend' home
I'm looking forward to seeing them, and
longing for tomorow very much

next Monday, I will meet the classmates of my high school again
In the afternoon, I will go to the beach in Enoshima, and I may be the only girl among the guys...Damn...
Then, in the evening, we meet everyone at Tamagawa, and do fireworks.

...But I cannot meet another HIM at all recently...
Maybe HE don't want to see me.
I can't help it, I can't help it
It has passed one year since...that day...broken-up
...I don't care,
I can't care any more

I'll take a bath!!


Get this party started!! 

2007年05月26日(土) 23時57分
Today, I joined the BIG birthday party @ Shibuya.
Many Meigaku students and UC students gathered,maybe about 50 people!!
We celebrated two of UC students-Kei and Lily,and two of Buddy students.
I was so excited because I'd never been to a pub, so I was surprised that
everybody sang,danced,drank a lot,and speak loudly!!
So excited
So amazing
Sooo cooool
I'd never seen such a nice party so far in Japan!!
...And I was surprised every UC boy was too friendly
My heart was beating a lot!!!!Hehe
Every UC girl is so cute and sexy
I thought "I am still like a child"

because of this party, I deep down recognized that I have to prove my speaking skill more and more...because I could't talk with everyone so much todeay...
I wanna talk more,
I wanna communicate with better English!!

I was so happy and enjoyed so much,
but at once, I was awared of my poor skill of English


I will be storonger than what I am now

I'm happy, but not feeling good... 

2007年05月15日(火) 7時47分
Today, I have a presentation in my seminer.
This is ALL EnglishI am nervous...
I'm so bad at speaking English in public.
I always intend to show myself better than I am actual to others.
I hate...I really hate my characteristics so much

I think I am lazy about studying English these days...
I feel others are much better than me and I am the worst all over the world...
I'm negative...I also hate this thought!!

But one event made me cheer up the other day
I became 20 years old on May 5th,
and many friends sent me a lot of nice mail or left comment to mixi!!
All of my friends and my family are tolerant and great to be kind to me,such a bad person.
Thank you...
I felt so happy

I should change myself!!!!!

Had a good day!! 

2007年03月31日(土) 20時07分

It was a very good day yesterday.

I met and a lot of people who were precious for me, talked with them,
drank, drank, and drank...Haha

From 7:00p.m,
the ferawell party for my superior members of my part-time job was held at
Everyone had a lot of fun, eating, drinking, and talking each other.
Nobody seemed to be sad, and nobody cried.
We had a good time as usual!!
...But when the party finished, I gradually turned to miss my superiors.
I was suddenly aware that the days I had spent with them were so precious.
I was so shuy that I couldn't talk with others well.
But they were always kind and friendly to me.
I really like them, and I will, from now on...


After then,
I joined the reunion of 34R, my third grade of high school DOMA-DOMA(in Noborito) again!! Haha
I met my classmates again, and share our memories and how we've been getting along with them.
Most of them didn't change so much, so I easily recognized all members.

I saw a lady who used to chat well together.
...She became more lovely. I wanted to talk with her more...
I saw a gentleman who used to be like a leader of my class.
...He passed Waseda univ. and became a great gentleman
And then I saw a guy with whom I used to be in love.
...He became guy but I had no chance to talk with him
Everyone remained to be "nice mates"!!
I had a so good time!!

I reassured that I like my classmates and want to keep being friends with them forever.


I'm in the World of Dream!!!?? 

2007年03月02日(金) 8時09分

I went to Tokyo Disney SEA with my friend, Ayumi, the other day, February 26th.

I got up much earlier than usual and met Ayumi at sbout 7:30.
Ayumi and I were a little sleepy, but felt more excited

About 9:00, we got to Tokyo Disney SEA!!!!Yeah--!!
We waited for it opening for one hour, but the time passed by so fast!!

it opened!!

Every one ran and marathon runners!!
We also ran in order to get the Fast pass (like a priority ticket) of new ride, "the Tower of Terror".

We could get Fast pass, and ran again toward "the Raising Spirits" ride.
For our nice run,
we could ride it without long wait.
The Raising spirits was so exciting and speedy!!

Then, we enjoyed some atractions one after another, and gradually got hungry.
We went to "the HorrizonBay restrant" to have lunch.
There, we had nice plates!! It included steak, salad, juice, and cake!!
...It was a little expensive...but I was soooooo satisfied!!!!
Because Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and Plute came to our table!!!!!
sooooo good and happy!!!!
We had the best lunch time, and felt "we're the luckiest people in this World!!"

we rode "the Tower of Terror", a free fall ride.
It was scary and so thrilling!!
I could not help screaming!!

The pleasing time passed quickly.
like "Time flies"...

The night show, "Bravissimo!!" began, which meant "It's almost a time to close Disney SEA today."
The show was so nice, beautiful and impressive.
It was appropriate for finale...
We had a nice time all day in Disney SEA!!

I love Disney!!
Disney always makes me feel like
I'm in the World of Dream!!!!

I am now in the "Test Hell"。・゜゜・(≧◯≦)・゜゜・。 

2007年01月21日(日) 9時36分
I am studying for the mid-term exams just now,
but I'm already tired and sooo sleepy...
and BLUE...
Because I cannot do anythig and I have to do everything only for exams!!
I want to do what I wanna now!!

One happy thing happened yesterday!!
My friend, Crystal, in San Diego(Carifornia), sent me an E-mail
She is a student of University of Carifonia, San Diego, and went to my university as an exchange student last year. But now, she is back to USA.
Thanks to her mail, I became so happy
She cheered me up so much!!
Thank U, Crys!!!!

...Oh, my gooosh!!!!

I have a International Relations test tomorrow!!!!
No way!!!
I have to return to the "Test Hell" again right now...

I gotta go...


2007年01月19日(金) 8時39分
This is the first that I write blog in English!!

Though my major is Global Studies and I practice English almost everyday,
my English skill doesn't become better...
So I decided to keep my journal in English

I write about my ambition!! YEAH-

I'm a Global Studies student of a university in Japan.
I like to travel abroad and I'm interested in tourism, overseas volunteering activities, cultures ...many things!!
I can't choose only one thing!!!! Ha-ha-ha-
This year, I'll become a sophomore(It depends on my score of end-term exams...),
and I'll start to make an application for studying abroad system of my school!!!!
I've been dreaming to study abroad since I was a junior high school student.
I like studying overseas languages, cultures, and so on.
I wanna experience school life and dairy life for a long time in other countries
and wanna touch directly other cultures and people by myself.


I think I won't pass the examination of studying abroad program because my English skill is NOT GOOD ENOUGH...
I am soooo bad at reading, listening, speaking, writing...
wow!! All is BAD!!!!!

I wanna know nice way of studying English...

For the time being,
I rush and rush to study by myself.

I 'll do my best for my ambition

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