behind the walls of snow

June 11 [Tue], 2013, 11:25
> Snow really head against the wall, she felt very tired at the moment. Videos watched many times, but have no clue. Huangfu sink to spit while lù their true inner mind, and from his mouth to hear that case. Father's death, has a supernatural phenomenon ingredients? Silly, right? Snow finally really do not want to keep reading it. She will give Pei remote jiāo Tsing Yi, said: "Pei Pei Miss huh? Then you can see for yourself. Huangfu gully, then he came back and told him to come here to study." She stood up slowly toward the den Big mén walk. Feet seemed to be filling the lead, I feel particularly heavy this time, looking out the window the night sky, where it seems there are countless ghosts hide them. Legendary zombie ah, nv Ghosts, ghosts, ah, the recovery seems to have in mind. Huangfu gully, then let her gradually affected by it. If it is someone else's words, she can laugh. But yes Huangfu gully, then she would have to do is completely ignored. In fact, she knows this man, as he and adolescence, so persistent, so kind, so considerate. Is because of this, the 1st day to the last, was attracted to him began to pay attention to his every move. Even if that piece of time, she also no forget him. Been watching him, has been quietly watching him, all his investigations. Snow really began to feel, from the beginning, she did not hated him. Into the study, she locked the study, and then, sitting on the sofa. "How can I do ah, Dad?" She can not help so asked himself. At this time, the opposite wall, suddenly heard a crash. She was shocked, the opposite is Huangfu gully home ah? What happened? Did you Huangfu gully opposite now? That sound like a direct hit on the impact of the wall. This voice, people sometimes feel alarmed. "Rescue ...... help" Suddenly, she heard a sharp cry for help coming from the opposite wall of sound in the ear that moment, she felt a whole person immediately erect it sounds, but it feels very familiar voice What seems to be blocked because the throat, so the volume is not to do to improve the same. She immediately rushed out of the room, shouting: "You come with me soon, opposite Huangfu family seems to have heard anything about the situation I just came over the wall's cry for help ......" Pei Yi heard these words immediately got up, a stride rushed in front of her, and said: "I see, you do not move," and then she immediately rushed out of the room, I saw Huangfu gully and war Chamberlain standing in the hallway, shouting: "Huangfu your home, you Family has happened, "Huangfu gully one, then rushed to his house, which is 501 mén mouth, immediately mén open, surprised to see, in the living room, is a backwards nv person. nv person's body down in front of a wall, was a large body shape, face yù absolute horror, the neck is two red handprints "This nv man ......" Pei Yi also rushed in, followed by Xu Bear , Su Mo. Subsequently, the war Chamberlain also came together. "Hurry, hurry to leave the floor" Su Mo scared immediately shouted: "Ghost in the floor" "No, you can not leave." Huangfu gully hesitate to say: "observation site, there can be a way out tips of things, Who gave corpse photos? Also, fast off mén, do not let the snow really came out to see "The Last Battle Chamberlain will come mén shut. That cap including bathrooms dead man, this room has two bodies inside it. "Do you know this nv people do?" Pei Yi nervously look to Huangfu gully, asked: "Is this apartment tenants right?" "No, do not know." Huangfu gully shook his head and said: "I have not seen her . "This nv man looks about thirty years old, long hair, probably to tún ministry position. Sè wearing a white shirt, wearing one pair of black sè earrings. Obviously,Oakley Holbrook Outlet, she is being strangled, and all the dead are the same. Her jaw was particularly large, it seems almost a breath squeezed apple general, indeed, looked aghast. Several people facing the corpse, took a good few photos, all angles are not spared. "The corpse inside the room to move, would like to do obscured." Huangfu gully immediately issued instructions: "ah, no, I remember that there are a box, put the body into the box hidden inside it, once the body was found to lead to large sāoluàn, to when in trouble. "" I, I can not, "Su Mo hid behind the first one, the Secretary Xiaoxiao courage is even smaller, but also immediately waved. Dr. Xu Xiong came out and said: "Well, I come. Huangfu President, I move the corpse with you go." "Well, Dr. Xu, trouble." Duo moved into the back room after the body while watching get out, Xu Xiong removal of the corpse, it is unable to shake hands, it seems very afraid that the body will suddenly come alive, fortunately, there is no such a thing happened. "Way out tips, will have been given?" Xu Bear asked: "Huangfu Sir, you can not hide sī ah, be sure to tell me ah" "During imaging, is likely to prompt a way out, but I have not yet clue so that later on I will send that part of the image that went to the apartment, so Li hidden, silver night, Kamiya Sayoko have a look. "Now in the apartment above three, is regarded as the strongest three wise men Lee hidden since the death of his mother manifested decadent, so that we are now more optimistic about the silver night and Kamiya Sayoko two. "Well, yes, indeed so good Right, right, Huangfu, my body, there was no bloody hands, right? Does not it?" "Do not worry, Dr. Xu, there, I'll tell you." "That's good, then good." "Also, Dr. Xu, wait a minute, you help me to do one thing and you should talk to me out." hiding the corpse into the box, the box will be locked Huangfu gully , a little relieved. Meanwhile, he a stride out of the room, then came three steps and two steps before the war Chamberlain, came from him. Then,Jordan Son Of Mars Sale, gently said: "Hell contract fragments hidden in my safe deposit box in my house, the password is ......" Then, he walked out of the room. War Chamberlain sneer, took out a cell phone and began to rain Qi who sent text messages. The Su Mo Xiaoxiao fear and divisions hold together, scared to even the road walk. Everyone knows that the ghost in this neighborhood, but, but it simply does not know where the ghost. Huangfu gully and Xu bears out of the room together, I saw the snow really just mén outside. "In the end what happened?" She looked anxiously said: "I just knocked mén, Pei said Miss so will you come and I said in the end is how?" "No one." Huangfu gully surface does not change sè lied and said: "I have seen, no one inside. then and I said, this is supernatural phenomenon." "You, you say what?" "And you have not felt physically uncomfortable ? "" not feeling well? "Snow really doubt huò shook his head and said:" No, ah, what do you ask? "Huangfu gully took her hand, re-entered Room 502, said:" Listen , the disc goes first lent me, and, Dr. Xu, could you help the snow really look at her physical condition there is no problem. "with incoming Xu Xiong touches a moment, nodded and said:" Good, good. "Xu Xiong open the package and remove the stethoscope and other instruments, the snow really started to help carry out a physical examination. Check down, he did not detect any problems. It is natural, because this dú hormone synthesis is entirely war Chamberlain himself, even from inside the body are not check out. Huangfu gully During this time, the disc into your computer, and then email will be sent to this image implicit Lee et al, while otherwise stated, the content of the image directly in front of half an hour to ignore. "Tell me." Done everything, he walked back to the front of the snow really, asked: "You said that heard the cry for help from the wall, right? What is the cry for help? '" Is a very familiar voice, but I suddenly remember, people should be a nv you, you just do not say no? "" Yes, no one. "" how would ...... I heard the sound of the wall came two under the impact. "" Where to listen to? '"den, den inside." Huangfu gully immediately took her, and went into the den Xu Xiong. Position, and that the down position nv man indeed the same. According to the snow really say, that man is snow nv really know people do? Xu Xiong conspire Huangfu gully ear asked: "I say, you will not be removed after the new incoming tenants?" At this time, the snow suddenly a really dawned like: "ah, yes, I remember now , the voice is the voice of the teacher side every week she is to come to Room 504, the son of Mr. Leung Fu fù tutoring mathematics, she and I met a few times, so remember her voice. Yes, today is indeed She math tutoring for the day ah you just said nobody? how likely, right, is the voice of the teacher side, ah, she was a thirty-something, very long hair nv people, ah, Huangfu, you are not telling I do? was not ...... "However, at this time ...... soon heavy impact, from behind the walls of snow really sounded. That voice makes momentary Xinchan. That sound of impact after all once again restored solitude. Three are silent about two or three seconds to react. Huangfu gully immediately rushed out, while standing outside the living room, it is a war Chamberlain, Pei Yi and Su Mo. Only Division Xiaoxiao, not "Secretary Xiaoxiao it?" Huangfu sink almost to the roaring sound thundered: "Where is she?" "Ah?" Su Mo looked back, but also shocked, said: "She, she has been behind me, ah, I thought she had entered, and behind me too ......" Huangfu gully immediately out of the room, and came across 501 mén before it will mén opened. However, no bodies in the living room. Huangfu gully immediately rushed into the back room and it was not,Coach Bags Outlet, did not intend to go out and find them, when suddenly, war Chamberlain's eyes, concentrated in the corner of the room that box, that it has nv corpse hidden in a box. He immediately went over to the box open. In that corpse with nv above, at this time, more than a new body. Division Xiaoxiao a more tragic form, curled up in the box as if it were caught in hibernating snakes. "This is, how is this going?" Snow really stepped into the room and saw it all. This horrible everything. "Who told me ...... how this is going." <
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