but also beauty tolerance

September 24 [Tue], 2013, 10:47
; at the sound of footsteps, light cloud side head to see go, first one Leng, then face to the elegant Sujing smile, looked slightly relieved. "The left only, thank you" is very light very light sound, but very sincere. Left only one eyebrow, leaning on the door, pale smile "is the woman named Yao Xue give you something?". Light cloud is a sword Pope door to omnia, what also not easily to the crazy knife these people something to, estimation is empathy, wrong letter others. Light cloud lifted the ear hair, eyes some quiet, with a wry smile, but also frankly said: "well, I think she is the victim". Victim? It is the victim, but may be a long time ago, the victim will also become their own masters, Yao Xuechang well, she must dress and behavior, estimation is completely reduced to the crazy knife. Degenerate? No, just her choice. For Canada Goose Victoria Parka this woman, left only little sympathy. Zuo Weisong shrugged, see the light cloud seems to have removed the Zuiwo fragrant resistance, he said "go, go outside. Light cloud chuckling, got up and went out, but when the light cloud see lying on the grass full body, and the ferocious fighting traces, looked stunned, no matter before. "These, are you kill?" Light cloud doubt and surprised and asked. The left is just a faint smile, did not answer, but the light cloud is the most clear answer. Light cloud stretch at the left only the back, light tone way "is really the evildoer". Estimation of genius list, the above tenth may well be left only, but she won't say. Because only the very favorable to the left, to her own life. The left only, light cloud, fat. Blue Snow Mountain depression four fly, but they are left only to the beautiful flowers, is bound to say good-bye to the light cloud. "Gee" left semiconductor to say goodbye. But to see beyond 100 meters, is slowly creeping over a thin figure. It's not that easy to smoke woman? Light cloud also noticed, some surprise, this is easy to smoke talent was good, even if is a sword is not bad, but also beauty tolerance are not bad. "Aunt, what are you doing here?" A fat ghost fly to easy to smoke in front of. Strangely asked. It with great care near the col to smoke a jump, looked up, saw the sky grew fat, first one Leng, then saw the two young floating in mid air beauty. A previously saved her predecessors, another is strong,. Relieved, see this situation, the elder should have cleaned up the blade, but can clean the blade people in such a short period of time, the strength should be set in real environment, it is really advanced coagulation territory is strong, perhaps. Beside the beautiful woman is...... "Senior, thanks for your saving grace, the younger generation don't disturb you, goodbye" easy to smoke also Men's Timberland Euro Sprint know this level of self-discipline on the left but they have the strong didn't help at all, had nothing to express his thanks, only silently to keep in mind. Left only to smoke would look good. Now is seen to smoke because of concerns about his adventure here and want Timberland Boat to enter the col, it makes her feel funny and emotion. ;
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