is it? 

February 03 [Sun], 2008, 16:10
I'm gonna go to a party at Aichan's house.For long time no seeing them,that is why I'm really excited.
However it's snowy now,hmm to go out is a bit annoyed.
I have to be ready for the time being then make myself dicided lol.

Good for me 

April 30 [Mon], 2007, 4:44
Soooo long time I left from this diary.
Until now,I did super hard thingswhose name is job-hunting.
Finally I thought it is almost over!Because I got an unofficial decision from one of my favorite conpany:-)
Actually I continue it now,but I realized I have lots of waste of times so I let Study counter placed at right side for recording my study time.
It will start from May1st.
try to keep it!

new year but,,, 

January 03 [Wed], 2007, 5:05
I'm not happy now.
Now I have headache and lots of thing about graduation thesis.

All will be over until this week,but I don't know I'll be going to be alived to next week....

This is my private affair 

December 27 [Wed], 2006, 3:05
if my one of my back tooth was fractured on Christmas Day when I ate some rusks alone with watching TV.

I went to dentis where I really hate.
I noticed I have some cavities especially in back teeth however I've neglected them for a long time.
Finally one of my back tooth was gone,means "fractured" yasterday.Therefore I MUST go to there to heal it.By my tongue's feeling,it would be decrayed a quarter but doctor said it was fractured over one fourth...
I know it almost "ruin" forced by bad tooth cause my neglecness.

Gloomy days would go on.


December 22 [Fri], 2006, 2:53
I realized my big mistake that i've forgotten to go to a meeting that is explained the company's business results and activities...
I reckoned that it WILL be held tomorrow so I was preparing now;-(
BESIDES!! it is one of my favorite company's meeting,I think it is very important for unfashionable student,who still doing job-hunt even being 4th grade almost like me,to hand in a attendance paper with my NAME.
1years old is not so bad,however 5 years staying at university is completely bad.
thus a student who is 5 years staying at university should do more activity than usual students who are 3rd grade..
I knew that,but i was nevertheless unable to attend:-(
Again,my stupid mistake was dissapoint myself..

Be careful to never happen again!

oh my god... 

December 21 [Thu], 2006, 3:36
now finally I've stepped foot into the world that negative person's sometimes do that way,,,means this is THIRD blog now i have.
I know second one was not so often renewaled,that has a very few articles..
But main one is written everyday!!it's just my diary in Japanese.
And now this blog was made for,,,for,,,helping improved in English!
it doesn't have any time until starting job-hunting then I guess I might not be able to write in English so many time..
When i have a time,I will do that.

anyway I know I should more more study English,sad to say my English ability is enough not to over 600 score on TOEIC,,,
but how can I do?!
Ok,I decide my first aim,"WAKE UP EARLY IN THE MORNING".

i believe the word "If i want,I can do that"
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