The Second Day of the Training Tour 

2006年02月23日(木) 21時14分
We left the hotel at 8:05.

Today's schedule

Hotel = The Fukuroda Falls (visit) = Nakamisato- Fish center ( Luch & shopping) = The Mito Kairaku garden(visit) = The Sweets-dream Factory( shopping) = Freeway = Ueno 17:30

The Fukuroda Falls

This is one of the most famouse falls in Japan.

It's really dynamic!!!!!

We stayed there for 45 min.

Nakamisato-Fish center
We ate lunch.
Today's meal was " Omakase-nigiri 9kan."
amber jack, salmon roe, fish with red flesh×2, Medai, a scallop, octopus, cuttlefish

We can also buy many kinds of fresh fish!!

We stayed there for 1 hour.

Mito-kairaku garden
Here is one of the most famouse garden in Japan.

This season was a little early to see Ume, but we could see in some place.

Good smells!!!

We stayed there for 1 hour.

Sweet-dream Factory

I love there so much!!

The First Day of Training Tour 

2006年02月22日(水) 20時30分
Today's schedule

7:00 Meiji-Yasuda Seimei building =The capital city freeway ・ Tohoku road= Tonoike sake brewery (visit & shopping) = Mashiko-yaki Kyo-han center (Lunch) = JA Hagano ( strawberry hunting) = Sessho-seki (visit) = Nasu-beau hotel

Today, I joined A training tour. A person who become a tour conductor is legally obligated to take part in a training tour.

Tnoike sake brewery

There're a lot of sake brewery and we can visit there. A clerk explained and brought us around the brewery.
And, we can buy lots of goods of sake.

Sake, Make-up goods, soap, etc..
Everything is made from Sake.

We can also have a taste of sake.

We stayed there for 30 min.

Mashiko-yaki kyo-han centerDo you know Big raccoon dog??

Here is famouse for the raccoon!!

We ate lunch there.
Meal is Kamameshi.(The taste is not bad..)

We can buy some goods of Mashiko-yaki.

We stayed there for 1 hour.

JA Hagano
We went strawberries hunting in the field.
There're many bees!!! A little bit dangerouns..
However, these strawberries were extremely delicious!!!
These were really sweet without syrup.

We can buy strawberries and veges at the stand.

We stayed there for 30 min.


Strange smells!!! Really strange like a boiled-egg.'s weather was bad. Very cold and raining.

That's because we stayed there for only 10 min.

We stayed The hotel of Nasu-beau.

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