2006年05月04日(木) 23時22分

This is French toast of today's breakfast.

roll cake 

2006年04月01日(土) 20時25分

I bought a roll cake.
The length is 35 centimeter.
I ate it with three people in three days.


2006年03月22日(水) 1時15分
My diary has English version and a Japanese version.
Will there be a person noticing that a different thing is written?
HP are different, too.
Of course I make a mistake in English! !
But do not look for it.


2006年03月22日(水) 1時11分
I made an omelette with rice.
Who will eat this?


2006年03月13日(月) 14時13分
TOKIYA made a cake.
He is a very good student.
I was very delicious.
I am happy.


2006年03月10日(金) 10時45分
I sent the email which celebrated a birthday to a friend.
He was pleased very much.
Because he is pleased innocently, I am glad.
Thank you for a smile.


2006年03月09日(木) 14時40分
The hobby page in HP.
It has almost completed in fact. However, since it became the self-satisfied page of a hobby straight line, it cannot open to the public.

A bookshelf page is Japanese so that there is not willpower to translate into an English sentence.
Japanese is good.
English is monotonous in comparison with it.
I contribute to the fact that what understood it studied English.


2006年03月08日(水) 21時39分
I say earlier.
I am weak in English.
I hate it.
It is pain, but wants to grow up.
Therefore I use English.

I do not know grammar.
I write it even if I do not know it.
I will get possible to gradually use English.
English will become pleasant immediately.

This diary is mere self-satisfaction.

let's try 

2006年03月08日(水) 14時49分
I will write a diary in English!
I thought that it was a fool.
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