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February 14 [Thu], 2019, 13:16


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I don't cry easily at movies, but this one really got to me. All of the performances were well done, but I remember watching this and the scene with the brothers reuniting was the most emotional scene of the entire movie for me. I only now realize that the oldest son, the one who made me cry, is Tom Holland! He is such a fantastic actor and I hope that he receives all of the praise and choice of roles that is sure to come his way after Spider-Man..

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a tsunami's coming. guess ewan mcgregor has to look for the...high ground....
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this movie shows how people of different races and walks of life can unite together in adversity like this; truly empowering movie.
Every time I watch the trailer I cry. I was there when it happened!! I was on a liveaboard, diving in the Similans (in the Andaman sea, Indian Ocean). On the day it happened, our boat was heading back to Phuket but we were told to stay away and remain out at sea. At the time, we were told giant tidal waves have hit Phuket cos of earthquake in Indonesia. The next day, we managed to get back to Phuket and flew back to Singapore. I only found out how bad it was when I saw the news - BBC & CNN when I got home. We were very very lucky. My heart goes out to all the victims and their loved ones..

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Obi-Wan Kenobi teaches young Peter Parker the ways of the force after a natural disaster (2004 A.D. Colourized).


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The kid in this is playing Spider Man in Captain America Civil War
I watched this trailer and I was like who is this little guy? he looks familiar then I scrolled through the comment section until I realized that he's tom holland.
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why I feel the trailer is telling the whole story :) where is the elemnt of exciting. its like ooh I just know what happened in the end so why I am goanna watch it 😂😂. by the way, I am goanna watch it 😁.
Wow that was a good movie, uhmm I mean trailer.
Meu Deus. É a novela da Record, Apocalipse
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hulu impossibility defense
Its a Heart touching movie.really superb.must watch this film
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I thught this as kim possibale because the two twin boys
i have one question, is lucas in this movie Tom Hollan from spider man?
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Just watched this movie on Netflix and it was amazing, cried through the whole thing. Naomi and Ewan were amazing but Tom Holland blew me away! His acting is amazing and... I can't find words he was so amazing..

Just watched the movie for the first time. One of the saddest most powerful films I've ever seen. I cried throughout the whole movie. Only movie to make me cry like that. It was because you were watching a normal family fighting for their lives. An amazing film. I can't believe Naomi watts didn't win the oscar for this. Her performance was amazing to say the least..




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