2006年01月16日(月) 11時41分
I wish you "A HAPPY NEW YEAR".
May it become a better year!
I wish becoming the year which was substantial in you.
I need your help well this year also pleasing.

snow (Recent state) 

2005年12月19日(月) 10時59分
2005 December 19
It snowed yesterday. It was the day which became very cold.
The coldest season wave to the extent that it is unprecedented recently visited, and heavy snow fell nationally. Therefore, I, weak to cold, did not come out once at the outside of yesterday. I spent the day watching movies.
Although I am poor cold, I like seeing the scene for which snow fell. The snow-covered landscape is very beautiful and wonderful. The illuminations in Hiroshima are also beautiful. It is recently a hobby that I take such beautiful scenes with the camera of a mobile phone. Even if everybody also takes a photograph, how is it?
The lower picture of two sheets is the photograph of the snow festival of Sapporo. I think that I want to go to see the festival.



2005年12月19日(月) 10時46分
1 fermi = 10^-16 meter
1 pm = 10^-13 meter
1 nm = 10^-10 meter
1 micron = 10^-7meter
1 inch = 2.54cm
1 feet = 30 cm
1 cm = 10mm
1 m = 100 cm
1 km = 1000m
1 yard = 0.9144 m
1 natural mile = 1.852 km
1 mile = 1.60934 km
1 ounce = 28.35 g
1 pound = 0.4536 kg
1 ton = 1016 kg (British), 907 kg (USA) , 1000kg (Japan,France)
1 gram = 0.03527 ounce
1 kg = 1000 g
1 pint = 0.47 liter
1 quart = 0.95liter
1 gallon = 3.8liter
1 milliliter = 0.034ounce
1 liter = 1000milliliter
1 day = 86400seconds
1 week = 604800 seconds
1 minute = 60seconds
1 hour = 60 minutes
1 centigrade = 33.8Fahrenheit
1 Newton = 100000dyne
1 hectopascal = 100pascal
1 megapascal = 10000hectopascal
1 atmosphere = 1013.25hectopascal
1 torr = 1.33322 hectopascal
1 kilowatt = 1000watt
1 joule = 0.238846 cal
1 kilocal = 1000 cal

astro boy and present robot 

2005年11月28日(月) 11時06分
This picture is Astro Boy. Astro Boy is one of the everlasting masterpieces of Mr. Tezuka Osamu. Astro Boy exists in animation and is a near future type robot. I like a robot in early age. I want to make robots a long time ago. But I only impressed to look at robots which someone made now. Making from the present technology is difficult for Astro Boy.
Second picture is the present robot's example. This robot is called "Land Walker". It had appeared at the TV program "UTABAN" these days. SMAP ride on this robot. I who looked at it want to ride on a Land Walker.
It is not the robot which moves with an intention like Astro Boy, and cannot move early. But, this robot is attractive. I acutually expect to be made Astro Boy.

mobile phone 

2005年11月14日(月) 11時32分
Mobile phones are indispensable to our life now. Recently, parents are giving the child a mobile phone. It is because parents want to know their child's present location and a child is made not to be involved in an incident. It is a dangerous world if such a thing is not done now. It is very sad.

Although I change talk, Mobile phones are epuipped with various functions and are useful. I have the mobile phone but only the function like a telephone and mail is used. A time is progressing but I feel that I have missed the time. Therefore, I think that I will use many functions from that of a mobile phone.

I have vodafone's V401SH. I think that I want to change a mobile phone soon. Someone should teach me a recommended mobile phone.

In the end, I want to spend happily life in the future with mobile phones.

mobile phone link friend

Influenza Viruses 

2005年11月14日(月) 10時58分
Influenza, also known as the flu, is a contagious disease that is caused by the influenza virus. It attacks the respiratory tract in humans (nose, throat, and lungs). Fever ,Headache ,Tiredness (can be extreme) ,Dry cough ,Sore throat ,Nasal congestion ,Body aches
These symptoms are usually referred to as "flu-like symptoms."

Most people who get influenza will recover in one to two weeks, but some people will develop life-threatening complications (such as pneumonia) as a result of the flu. Millions of people in the United States — about 5% to 20% of U.S. residents — will get influenza each year. An average of about 36,000 people per year in the United States die from influenza, and more than 200,000 have to be admitted to the hospital as a result of influenza. Serious problems from influenza can happen at any age.

The main way that
influenza viruses are spread is from person to person in respiratory droplets of coughs and sneezes. The viruses also can be spread when a person touches respiratory droplets on another person or an object and then touches their own mouth or nose (or someone else’s mouth or nose) before washing their hands.

link 1 influenza
2 influenza

This time is about the universe 

2005年11月07日(月) 10時40分
I longed for the universe at an early age. I want to go to the universe at once. It is because I want to experience the infinite width of the universe personally. Weightlessness can be experienced also on the earth. However, I want to experience weightlessness which is released from everything in the universe. It will be pleasant if this can be experienced.

 Otherwise, I want to look at the black hole near. I want to look at the moment the black hole appears. Although there are some persons who say whether the black hole devour time and space, how is it in fact
The universe still has many mysteries.

Comment about the universe

Which do you want? 

2005年10月31日(月) 11時23分
Two pictures shown below are i-Pod of Apple, and HDDwalkman of sony.
It is made easy for i-Pod to think functionality as important, and to lightweight-ize a main part and to carry it. Although HDDwalkman of Sony thinks design nature as important to it and it is heavier than i-Pod, i-Pod is excelled in stylish nature.
Now, walkman breaks and I don't have it. Although it thinks that I will buy newly HDDwalkman of sony, there is no money. Which do you want
The life without music cannot be considered.
There is no border in music. It is a view over my music.

About WAGON R 

2005年10月24日(月) 10時52分
Now I drive Suzuki's WAGON R RR DI. My car's color is silver. It is not my car but my parents'. Two photographs enumerated below are RR and R FX. I recommended RR to be bought for parents.

There are two reasons. Because the first I wanted to take a car different from the person. The second I like a light of RR and the overall form. By the way, it has been heard that the sea bass was offering it to Mazda though there was Wagon R of the same type as the sea bass also in Mazda. Will it be true?


2005年10月17日(月) 11時00分
Today, let me introduce myself. I like listening to music. Music : I love punk and rock. My favorite group is The Offspring. Do you know the band
By the way, I went to Kintaikyo of Iwakuni on my bike yesterday. It was a very beautiful scene. I took a photograph of it. I'd like to go to some another time.
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