something inside 

February 21 [Tue], 2006, 4:47
it's hard to describe today's feelings but if u would ask my inner child he would say: i feel like shit.

i dunno what is wrong but whole day today is totaly depressing for me. something just doesnt seem right.

and its vaication time so i should be happy and forget about troubles, but yet something disturbs me. maybe it's connected with school and maths cos i will know how i wrote my test after vaications. and i would really want to know earlier makes me sick. but ok... i think i must forget about future and live for today. for now. for present

here is one picture of previous year. i miss summer. and summer sunsets. it's just so hard to stay just at this moment. my mind always travels from past to future.

i know i shouldnt think so much about past and future but it's hard to stay here. but i will try my best to feel feelings of this moment. cos it's important to be aware of things around u. thats something that everyone should feel. and everyone would recognize their true feelings.

oh well this entry was one of those which are funny in a sad way (and one of those which suck haha ). i think i'll get better. soon.

ja mata ne


February 20 [Mon], 2006, 3:30
this is my new journal. yay

im one guy from europe who's learning japanese but i'm really just at the begining.

and it will take some time i will understand all the things this journal gives.

so this is fresh and new. and smells like bananas, but i must say i love japan and i can't wait to go there and stay there

so let's start with my journal away from european civilization.
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