Working hard on Sunday afternoon

2005年11月27日(日) 15時12分
I've decided to come into work today to plan tomorrow's experiment I must be truly in with Mitochondria because I am enjoying myself at the moment (although I've been day dreaming most of the time). Here are some things I've learnt to do today...

Yes, I've mastered in pasting photos on the blog Clever girl I am!

That was taken in the Central Park. My flat mate and I were trying to find some nice leaves.

Again in the park. We were reading the book "Ugly duckling"

Wanna be Roman slaves As you can see, I was rowing nuts, while my friend smiles for the camera

Anyways, I better go and do some concentration calculations!

My belly piercing is getting... better I suppose...

2005年11月26日(土) 22時49分
It was the Day after Thanksgiving and we had the day off on Friday and to take advantage of that, I did nothing at all yesterday So today, I was ready to make up for that and went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Last time I went, we didn't pay and only got to see the Egyptian section, but today, I have finally contributed a little to the museum and got to see everything. Van Gogh exhibition was on and we had to queue to see that, which never happened to me before outside Japan so that was a little surprise. So many of his drawings were there and it was really great Also, I got to see lots of Claude Monet and I have re-fall in love with his paintings, except for one of his water lilies that was slightly sht. We went to a nice Thai restaurant after that and randomly cried in my lovely Pad Thai But overall, the museum was really great. Next time, no heels though!

Happy thanksgiving!

2005年11月24日(木) 23時22分
I was invited to spend thanksgiving with a small group of people. We got to the flat around noon and had a great time eating and drinking for about 12hours. The guy who was hosting the dinner had a great apartment in the Union Qsuare and cooked so fine It’s always the gay ones would be a great boyfriend!
I think I got drunk about five times today playing the nastiest drinking games
All the people there were non-Americans, so I don’t think it was a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, but with great food and lots of drinks, I think it was pretty much perfect I am slightly upset I didn’t get to see Macy’s Parade though...

Busy bee

2005年11月22日(火) 16時25分
The count down has began for Thanksgiving and we begin our long weekend from Thursday
My supervisor was going nuts today because she was leaving for Thanksgiving even earlier So I had a very good talk to her about my project for good three hours I'm researching biochemistry side of Mitochondria (In the cell, where energy is generated) and to tell you the truth, I have falling in love with Mitochondria
My little bro just invited me to join Mixi, a Japanese blog site. I have joined in, but I have my blog here already and it's all in Japanese in Mixi, so I can't abandon all you foreigners I won't be able to start Mixi and I'm sorry my little bro. By the way, congratulation turning 21 and finally be able to go drinking in the US

Pretty Autumn day

2005年11月20日(日) 2時17分
This Sunday was the most productive one since we've been here and I was very proud of myself for not wasting a perfect autumn day
We went out for brunch but it was full everywhere so we got some soup and burnt ourselves drinking while walking to the Central Park.
We did some serious leaf picking at the park and we took lots of pictures. Then we wondered about to the boat house, rented a boat for an hour and rolled like Roman slaves around the lake. My flatmate and I had a oar each so we were circling about for a while (I was rolling crazy and she was too lazy to keep up with me) Then we crashed into bushes, other boats, ducks and rocks It was a great fun and so pretty to see the colors changing all across the park
After that, we walked along 5th Avenue for a while, got a large pizza between three of us and had a tub of ice cream What a life!

Not a happy bunny...

2005年11月18日(金) 2時07分
My lab chicks said when you break up with someone who truly means a lot to you, you cannot keep in touch with him because it's just too painful
I suppose I agree with that.
I’ve been with someone who hurt me so much while we were going out, it was easy to be a "Friend" later
On the other hand, when I had a perfect someone, it is damn hard to do anything afterwards
If the hypothesis is correct (as a scientist would say), I wonder how a person was feeling about you when s/he turns into a bitch/basted later... Or when the person becomes attracted to you more after you break up (lol)

A little celebration in the lab

2005年11月17日(木) 4時32分
A paper my lab had been working on for a while was finally accepted and will be published in a very good toxicology journal in two months. Congratulation to them all! Next paper they'll publish will have my name in it and I'm very excited But only God knows when that will be...
New York got very cold all of sudden and my toes nearly fall off today because I was wearing sandals Its going to be 0 degrees tonight! But I'm not complaining because my plan for tonight is to tuck up warm in my bed and read the Tale of Genji I've finished 3/4 of it and the main character just died... Mmm...

Lazy lazy

2005年11月14日(月) 0時02分
I spent all day and all night in bed on Saturday and all day and all night in bed on Sunday The only thing I did during the weekend was watching the movie "Team America" It was very funny and I liked it a lot. The weekend was a waste because the weather was so great and I could have walked around But I probably needed the lazy break because I was so busy the past a few weeks

Biggest hangover and working moderately hard

2005年11月10日(木) 3時21分
I went to a bar on Spring Street last night There was an independent film soundtrack launch event and my friend was invited, so I tagged along in the rain The film was called Leaving LA and it looked sht. When we got there, open bar just finished So I spent a little more than our original plan. However, we got so nicely drunk and I even bought a CD from a NY band called Plastic East. Then we went to a club upstairs and danced all night
My head was spinning so bad this morning I went to work late (11:30AM) and I am suffering so much at the moment But lucky me! It turns out that my supervisor is not even in today I can't wait to go home in a few hours and sleep

Peter Pan

2005年11月09日(水) 0時08分
Someone told me; As you mature, sometimes you lose very important something in your life and that is unavoidable.
That might be true, but are YOU kidding me!? Who the hell do you think you are!?!? Peter Pan?! The only thing you lost growing up would be your voice and your precious virginity. The thing that pissed me off the most was that he tries to be a grown up (because he is slightly older than me) but in fact he's just a total self-loving fuk. That's all for today. Thank you for listening and sorry you had to see the ugly side of me
■'Lazy bum'■
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