Visiting the Museum of Sex

2005年07月31日(日) 22時48分
It was pretty smaller than we thought and it was a little different from what I thought it would be. I was thinking more of the history and the psycological aspect of the field but it was more of pointless pictures and history of porn industry The exhibition was called "Men without Suit" and it was literary displays of naked men... It got pretty boring and sick (in porn section) after while
Overall mark: 3/10; it was fun, but I wouldn't go there again. especially when you have to pay $15! I wouldn't recommend to anyone, especially for boys who just want to see naked pictures of women, simply because 95% of the pictures were of men

Lost girls in Manhattan

2005年07月30日(土) 22時41分
We went to the Central Park to chill all day We got lost for an hour and my favorite sandles broke Everything was a big fat disaster but at least we had a quite sleeping time in the park Again, at dinner time, we got lost going to China Town. We misunderstood the great subway system and ended up in the middle of Brooklyn at 10 at night Also after sinner, we got lost and we were pretty scared walking aroung dodgy area of China Town

Money Money Money... by abba

2005年07月29日(金) 22時32分
It was our second time to miss our pay check and we are getting pretty disparate for money So to forget about it, we went to a Japanese-style Karaoke with some people We had Japanese food (which I was not impressed) then to a Karaoke box. I wanted to go nuts on 80's songs but there were not many good ones, so I was upset all night and complaining This guy from Sweden sung Last Christmas in the middle of summer The song went on forever and it was very difficult to comment on afterwards I swear, most of Caucasian men who have Japanese girlfriends are weird (Of course not my Schatzie) lol

In search for a Yankee fan...

2005年07月28日(木) 8時29分
All I did at work today was to try and find a Yankee fan so I can go back to the ball game again sometime in the future And I have! This English guy who is finishing up his PhD next to my lab said he'll come He's very clever and is going to do his post-doc in Oxford University and his fiance is also near by and she'll be doing her post-doc in Cambridge University! For crying out loud Anyways, we'll be going to the Yankee's game sometime with seats where we can have a nice cold beer I need to get a Matsui T-shirt for next time!!

Take me out to the ball game{野球ボール}

2005年07月26日(火) 23時14分
We got off work at five sharp for the first time and headed off to the Yankee Stadium to watch Yankees vs Twins
I was sooooooooooo happy to be there but people I went with ( English girls and boys) didn't enjoy it so much They didn't even understand what was going on so we left after fifth inning They didn't have any beer either where we were sseated
Matsui hit a home run and I was very proud, but at the same time a little bit embarassed because Japanese fans were going nuts (probably me too)
This Seath guy proposed to his girlfriend on the screen and it was all very cheesy I probably get embarrassed and run away!

Friday again!

2005年07月15日(金) 23時51分
I finished work last night at seven thirty This week went slow and Im glad it's over! Our supervisor was not in today (She usually doesn't come on Fridays) So we all left work at five But just before we finished work, I had to go to the floor where they keep bigger animals It was freaky and smelled funny. I was really depressed when I came home. Not a good way to finish off the week!

We went to Time's Square for dinner and then to the Pub in the accommodation. There was a big International Karaoke party It was really good, but desperate boys and very sweet margarita ruined the night

Long experiments

2005年07月13日(水) 23時40分
I figured out today ひらめき} that many of the experiments I am and will be doing takes a looong time to get one set of results
Tuesday - Prepare the cell culture
Wednesday - Prepare treatments (ie drugs and chemicals I am testing on)
Thursday - Treating the cells
Friday - Obtaining the results
Next Monday - Result writeup
Very time consuming

First working monday

2005年07月11日(月) 21時23分
I found out people in my lab (total of 6) are all pretty boring We don't talk when we are in the lab except about work and the only time we talk other than work is during lunch time (most people take their lunch break seperately) and they read news papers and discuss about them I thought thats what happens when you work in a lab, but when I visited the other two students, their lab buddies were so nice and socialble Plus, I found out my lab is famous for the least fun lab in the department There goes the hope of going out for a drink with them

Another day of shopping

2005年07月10日(日) 21時05分
We went to the Summer concerts held in Central Park at lunch. But with our hangover, it was impossible to stay in such a sunny and crowed place, so we went window shopping on Madison Avenue
Most shops are still doing their mid-summer sale but the shops were not so crowed. Lots of police everywhere though, especially at the subway stations

I have discovered something very disturbing. ALL the toilets in NY have gaps between the door and the wall. Crazy Americans... It's really uncomfortable when you can see people waiting I wonder why they have such a big gaps...

SoHo again

2005年07月09日(土) 20時54分
We went shopping to SoHo again, this times with two NY books But because we were bitching so much, we missed our station and had to get off at the same station we got off last weekend... Bad karma
But once we reached SoHo, we were very productive and went to so many shops. We didn't realise the time till all the shops were closing

After we got ready to go out it was already 10pm and it was 11pm before we got to Bleeker Street We had a wonderful time though. The time flew by and before we knew it, the pub closed (4am) So we went to a diner and then to bed
■'Lazy bum'■
Name: Tomoko
On a Toxicology Professional Training in New York from June 2005 to August 2006
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