2006年02月05日(日) 17時35分
I'm back at work again co's I did sht all yesterday at work But Im not so depressed today co's I got to speak to a buddy before I came in.
I havent spoken to him for more than half a year and it was so nice of him to pick up the phone and immediately knew who I was when I said hello I would be like "Who the hell are you! Stop calling here!!" lol
Anyways, he is someone who I can really rely on with everything, and who I love going shopping with (I normally prefer to go on my own). If I bitch, he'll bitch with me if I spend too much, he'll make me feel better by spending a hundred times more and we have pretty similar taste in men, but we never had to fight over one
Anyways, thanks babe. I'll look forward to seeing you here xxx
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Name: Tomoko
On a Toxicology Professional Training in New York from June 2005 to August 2006
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