Daft Punk! 

October 27 [Sat], 2007, 19:30
Daft Punk Halloween soon i will show you guys the piks to show the koolest thing ever with my home made daft punk outfit its the TB Helmet its awesome!!!


A New Day To This Year。。。 

August 23 [Thu], 2007, 4:22
so i havent been here in a while


but im back and well just today i feel like doing something i wonder if anyone wants to hang out or something you know?

well any way if anyone does...gimme a call!

today feels like i can DO ANYTHING! (well almost) ;]

been listening to the "Beat Crusaders" now :]

and i finally! yes finally! got back on track of my days, I've been sleeping all day and been up all night these past months but today started with me waking up at 7 or 8 in the morning so i could actually say "おはよおございます。" with out actually been the middle of the night

but its all good now I just need to keep it up like this...

hmmmm...I think I smell pancakes? wierd...o well anyway im back to the blog and everything and im ready to go and do something today, despite that it was raining earlier today in the morning now it seems it is drying up and theres a chance to go and do something!

lets go NOW!!!


I'm So Lazy Sometimes, But It's Thursday So It's OK. 

August 10 [Fri], 2007, 10:24

so its around く at night and i just woke up a while ago...im soo lazy 笑, but then again i didnt sleep last night till this morning at じゅ in the morning。

anyway what i did do today, in the morning when i wasn't asleep was made my Toshiba laptop Dual Boot with Ubuntu(Linux) with what it allready had which was Windows Vista Ultimate. so im allright with it just need to fix the dreaded no sound problem i have in Ubuntu。

Other than all that。。。its Thursday, I didn't know it was Thursday 笑。 this week has passed by a little quick if i do say so myself ^_^'

Today My first Blog for Yaplog 

August 09 [Thu], 2007, 11:45
ok so this is my first blog today was alright i modified my phone even more and it looks even cooler now haha

also my friend Aaron told me about this website and i singed up for it i like it i just need to get used to it and also learn more Japanese cuz my Japanese sucks.

and well thats kinda it for today ^_^


  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:tombrighteyes

I dont know too much Japanese but im learning little by little.

was brought to yaplog by a friend and now im here ^_^
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