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2004年06月16日(水) 22時00分
Hey this is Rio with my new blog, TOKYO ROSE lol! Thanks to Adam Majewski with that namewellz, I'm going back to Japan in like what... 2, 3 days...gosh, I'm already missing everyone of you peeps... My 17 years in Chicago gonna be all packed up in my suitcase with me and across the ocean it goes.. I started out living on Lake Shore Drive in a small apartment with my Dad, Mom, and my Grandma. Then we moved near Oak Park in Chicago, where the train station was near. (I used to love listenin to the Choo-Choo----sound of the train @ night LoL) Well, then I moved in to the suburbs around like what 4th grade? and now here I am moving on alone to Japan..in 3 days..
I still can't believe I am leaving.. I probably will realize that I'm in Japan a week or so after I arrive in Japan. I'm gonna miss going to Kiddie Land with my friend Liz, going to haunted place with Erica, Jen, Jason, and Alex, hangin out @ steak n shake late @ night, gettin boosed @ mah place or friend's, dancing @ club, blasting music LOUD anddriving crazy... All those good memories!! I wish I can take everyone with me to Japan and show all the TECHNOLOGY there! LoL For example like the very special butt wiping toilet seats, fart sound eraser, TV cellphone (you can see them on your cellphone while you speak) n all other sh*t. well...I'm gonna pack up my clothes so.. yeah. Write back again later! byez!!
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