Life is... A look 

2006年05月09日(火) 6時49分

Life is… Report of four day School trip to St. Petersburg ( 26th - 29th of April) 

2006年05月09日(火) 6時31分
First of all, I want to say that it was really nice to visit St. Petersburg again. The weather was perfect every day and we got to enjoy sunshine and warmth. I must also give big thanks to Victoria, for kindly taking me around at the city. I appreciate it a lot. Also big thanks for my class

Sooo, what did I do in St. Petersburg? Well, mostly I walked, walked and walked (The estimated kilometres must be close to 50!), I acted like a tourist (125 photos) and drank beer (Cannot remember the exact amount). I also got to taste various good dishes with reasonable prize ! IDAHO - potatoes !!

Maybe the best memory for me from St. Petersburg was the last friday evening at a bar ( which name I don´t remember ) where a band consisting 4 players performed many classic rock songs with amazing skill Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, etc... Only thing missing was a song from Guns N Roses, but maybe I eventually could have heard Sweet Child O mine as well. Anyway, that place I have to visit again!

And... Now I let the pictures do the talking:

A Sailing Vessel

No wonder Saint Petersburg is called " The Venice of the North"...

The Church of the Resurrection

Just a photo

Antti & Victoria at St. Peter and Paul´s cathedral

Life is... Searching beauty from everyday life ( Part 2 ) 

2006年04月25日(火) 3時10分

Watching the sun going down

Life is... Searching beauty from everyday life 

2006年04月24日(月) 20時29分
Stop for a second and take a look at your surroundings; you may find a new and exciting world:
"Artistic" perspective to life

It is amazing how sunshine can bring the nature alive

At some part of a riverside, the ice still exists ( Photo by Ryoko )

Cones on a leafless tree

Interesting sunset ( Thank you Ryoko for this fantastic photo )

Rather emotional set

Life is... Photos of Spring Finland 

2006年04月16日(日) 19時39分

Ducks and fishermen

A photo ( my imagination sucks today )

Funky moss ( Photo by Ryoko )

Fishing, fishing, fishing !

Pure Finnish sky at sunset

Life is… Pointless entries 

2006年04月12日(水) 22時59分
It has been a long time that I updated my blog last time. I don´t know if it has been just laziness or have I really been that busy lately that I haven´t had time to write anything. I have to say that the huge amount of school work, shitty spring weather and other sources of stress have made me too tired to think -practically- anything. I haven´t had the time to just stop and think.

Somehow, I feel that my life goes really fast right now; especially the last 2 years have been the time of enormous change in my life and I still cannot see the speed slowing down. Many things have worked out so smoothly that I get to feel that it is self evident that things always work out in my life, almost without doing anything. That feeling makes me afraid the turn in my life, the moment when everything is not that easy anymore. So little things can change the direction of life.

I must admit that the biggest and most important issue in my life right now is an internship in Japan. Many rational and realistic reasons such as future career, summer job, the chance to get abroad and getting credits for school, make the internship important. The biggest reason could said to be my girlfriend but there is something else, something deeper that makes me want to get there so desperately. I don´t know, I feel that Tokyo is my city. The loneliness of the neon lights, the people and the real thoughts behind polite cover are still mystery for me. There is something in that city. I believe that for everyone there is a city in this world full of fascination, cosiness, mysteries, love and desire. A place where you want to live or return over and over again. For me this city is Tokyo, for some close friends of mine, it is St.Petersburg… But that´s another story…


Life is... Spring!!! Or not... 

2006年03月25日(土) 7時10分
A while it looked like that the spring eventually reached here to the Northern, extreme wilderness. BUT the harsh reality - called TAKATALVI - honored Finland with its annual visit, bringing -15´C degrees breeze from North...
... I have nothing else to say except bitter "Thank you" ...


A while ago you could smell the spring in the air

Little, little happy animals got out of their shelters to enjoy the sunshine and warmth

And now... Now it is like this again...


Life is... Simplicity 

2006年03月05日(日) 1時35分
Simple can be aesthetic

"Space itself"
"Aura that generated all creatures"

Life is... What if... 

2006年03月03日(金) 14時27分
What if our World would be black and white??

Everything would be simple and clear
[ luminescent lamp in my room]

Even toilet paper could be exciting
[ toilet paper roll ]

Some things could be scary
[ laptop with messenger window ]

Life is... Problems in sleeping 

2006年03月03日(金) 12時14分
This must be the 5th day that I am still awake at 05:00 in the morning… I hate it when I cannot sleep. The next day is completely ruined and wasted, because you wake up at noon, half of the day gone already. The wrong day rhythm makes you tired and incapable to do anything whole day. I feel frustrated and angry. For me this is serious issue.

I don´t know why I cannot sleep. Of course I drink a lot of coffee and eat much in the evening, which shouldn´t be done of course, but on the other hand, I have always done that and it hasn´t been prevented me from sleeping before. It is not a reason. This is completely mental thing.

I don´t have anything on my mind that gives me enormous stress that would keep me awake. I´m afraid there is something weird going on… I am seeing constant nightmares which make me sleep with light on. I don´t know what I am suddenly scared of, but I imagine that there is some blurry character sneaking in the shadows of my room... Sometimes I get that feeling… Maybe this goes over soon...

...I don´t know, I just wish I could sleep…

Name:Tommi [トミー]
Age: 21
Home: Finland
Now: In Finland
Occ.: Student
Love: Music
Hate: Problems
All photos & articles by Tommi Jattu unless otherwise mentioned
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