Many things, if you stick to it

July 16 [Tue], 2013, 11:39

Chinese is a good training Qinnengbuzhuo There is a proverb. The "ground" inside in a way that is reproducible and attitude to be repeated. I start early, I consider that I've done many things repetitive, sometimes tired, withdrawn, give. For example, when I was young, you want to develop an agent of the day, each client can be repeated, with emphasis, why agency policy the agent is not tired collapsed almost at the end, I walked the city and 20 3 speak. I do not want to, but when you read the book, it is the richest man Zong, China to visit thousands of distributors and dealers the repetition time, he, again ". Marketing very" I In order to impress each of the agency or agency, there was a book I wrote patiently only country to again and again to say nike mercurial soccer cleats a word. You do not read anything to say later, and I, please run the city then.

I am impatient, but more than that it is not possible to move anyone, I programming. Leaving the wind to get out to three hours twenty-code of most other, there is cigarette smoke. But I can sit there, in addition to eating, is still at ten to drinking water nike mercurial vapor viii for sale of rice. The programming, the next game, and if you look at the movie, someone slipped a bruise others. However, I can be completely ignored. Many things, if you stick to it, you will be able to do it, it's like that. Many people, see the human face that only successful, but he does not appear to build a success. Bread of September will be very appropriate to eat bread after the seven had enough finally analogy. Others have begun to study, to eat at what vinegar flour for bread seventh? To eat it, why do you eat this bread? They do not appear before you ate the bread 6, what I mentioned earlier this pan is 6 "10,000 hours" of the accumulation.

Management, has a classic called "good excellent" reference book on a very interesting analogy. Companies, is heavy as huge wheels. Respectively, and still flying, we adidas predator for sale grow to two. However, we emphasize that the teeth do not give up. Suddenly, one day, this energy is accumulated in a certain number, the wheel moves upward slowly. If You flywheel that you want to move, potential energy itself is present, it will run faster but we, you press. I feel very boring does not, there is a trivial enterprise countless things every day, to do every day for us, but I a lot of people talking to, and want to open the meeting for a long time often to keep, again and again talk to be every day repeatedly, or more.

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