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"Ah," Chen Han nodded. Touched the head of the pastoral: "Do not worry about it. Brother" at this time. That little * flat head continued: "Besides we are all Chinese people how you can help foreign devils." Chen Han looked at the four things he wrapped. Removed by hand two hundred dollars to him: "This four I want there. Remember the nation are just small boundaries can be broken before the no reunification of the motherland. Fifty-six nationalities many countries without a person to distinguish between bad and good is relatively better. they are good people. earn that money in a fraudulent manner. wealth can not. "Chen Han spoke. Then pick up he has packed four sets of ink, paper. Bow on the idyllic said: "Let's go. Give them our past." Pastoral happy answer. Both fast chase that the old couple. Will give them something. Two old couple do not know the what is good. They would insist on giving money. Just eventually pastoral convince. Of course. Chen Han ears hear a small * flat head and whispered to himself "loaded grandson ..." But he also did not dare to say what. Less money. To continue to start trading. Chen Han with pastoral thing to pair old wife. Chen Han looked back to a distant small * flat head. The fingers slightly bombs move. Shares fierce Zhi Jin instant injection. "Boom ..." moment. Firm's booth. Instantaneous collapsed. On top of things rolled down a. "Oh ...... Oh ......" * flathead cried. With some of its hastily packed his things. "Today is really scary how?" * Flat head muttering. Pick something someone said: "below the frame, but we use the pipe shelf, how likely off it too |" people have looked around. So a Lane. Poured over again. That the old couple looked at carrying things left pastoral suddenly said: "I is not meddlesome." Oh ... "Chen Han faint smile:" Do you know why the hero film so many people like to watch. Like "Water Margin Biography "now still countless people like hero complex who have. encountered the uneven thing wants on a course more often suppressed in mind. actually ordinary people unable to manage dare. they can only imagine enjoyable. watching hero film is to satisfy the psychological complex no fixed criteria. mainly to see our own we have the ability, as long as it wishes. pipe no harm, not for anything else, a dislike for their own tube How about a small * flat head just the thing to pack up are seeing Chen Han also not far from the eyes. Pushing pastoral in Guangzhao. Grew more and more uncomfortable. At this point he suddenly brighten. Directed at the front of a hand, a folding fan with a travel cap. Old was carrying a bag early twenties who beckons: "Six sub. Come here." Six sub is the nickname of the young man. People often do business in this piece he Lianshu. Because he is a professional thief. In this living. Specifically for tourists to start with. However, this is not dare to enter the big trading house to steal. To where the edge camera. Second, a large trading house, if the total stolen. Reputation would be affected. The people board will deal with them. They turn around here. Opportunistic hands of tourists. Hear small * flat head told him to. The six sub-tick in the hands of a fan at table: "Why?" Small * flat head pointed to Chen Han with pastoral lies. In the hands of a money action. Six sub's eyes lit up. Son and a delight to see his face. The hands of the folding fan in the hands Qiaoliaoliangxia: "slaughter the fat sheep. To you go Donglaishun the rubbing meal." Six sub-talking. Toward Chen cold on their side. "Pooh ... * flat head, small mouth spittle:" Damn ye loaded *** grandson. Destruction I business back you look good. "Six sub thinks very cold beside Chen. He did so many years. All day wandering around in this neighborhood. Is also a veteran. Most people really not aware of him. But to keep up with the when Chan cold. Chen Han has been perceived. Do not say to someone tracked. Even hostile. Time to pay attention to him. His heart, there will be fluctuations induction. Keenly aware of. Besides, he told in the behind. In six sub thought to find an opportunity. The hands of small pieces of children knife zoned to Chen Han pocket. Chen cold pocket of the moment to hit his blade. He felt a sudden paralysis of his arm. "Ah ..." then the pain is terrible is Life. The six sub-clutching hand. | Squatted there. Small piece of the hands of children knife drop. Week | hear sound looked over. The pain will soon be over. The six sub they find his arm as if to sleep pressure after night. Sudden consciousness. Not flexible. Although it can move. But generally like the hands of others. Very stiff. Very hard to accept. "My hand ..." the rise of six. Chen Han with pastoral like a fine person in general. Continue to the front of the shop. Encounter an expert. Six sub gritted his teeth. Looked at his unconscious arm. Immediately turned and ran toward the street to. In turn not far have a Zhaizi. Is specially retained the kind of. Here are the high cost of land. Six sub directly through the back door and ran inside. But first came to the door. Someone stepped forward to stop him. "Six sub today what sub do not understand the rules. Phineas did not call you. Who told you to come." Six sub nodded. Anxious: "two older brother and I in a hurry. Again my arm may waste. Beg you not see Allen." Frequent flyer. Six children old. Is also near a thief child's head. In this square to occupy a disk Women's Canada Goose Expedition. The men control the hundreds of people. Forces can be considered small. So in order to have money to rent in this square. You also known as what is called "six sub. Then you left out of this month money can not pay up." With the sound. A about 40. Long face. A sports dress down. Six sons holding his right arm. He knew the brother kung fu. Allen because they are seen to display dodge. The ten-meter-high wall can easily past. Two three flip it up. So he is hope. "Allen you were to look at this arm I just met the thorny ideas arm it seems that is not your own." The six sub usually live to do good Women's Whistler Parka. Otherwise often fly nor will he stay in the neighborhood. Liulichang frequent flyer on the left three people work. Six sons is one of them. Sub say. Often fly hand squeezed six sub arm. Originally not seriously. Do not care about the face. Instantly became very solemn. Several acupuncture points of the six sub-arm finger point. The six sub but did not react. Frequent flyer viewed. Face changed a few: "walk you before I go to see what is the other characters, and then you go to the hospital!" Ah ...... "sub-shocked. Worried and said: "My arm ..." frequent flyer exposed overbearing. Cross at him: "What if waste ***. Quickly. Dare I often fly head looking thing. Let him eat the bear away." This means. To see that this is a martial artist do. Often fly control this one. Are oil and water side. Often several forces battle. There are many outside the organization want to compete. So often fly first thought is someone to offer indisputable. The frequent flyer swore. The six sub hearts though still worried about the arm. But did not dare say anything. With frequent flyer rush past. Not far away. Before and after the six sub delay with less than half an hour back. Turn them back on the streets twice. To see to the end of the street. Is several stone shop before wandering Chen pastoral. "Allen is ......!" Some of the six sub frightened Road: "I just shot did not feel how is it hand no feeling Kids Timberland." Hell go. "Frequent flyer waved. Let the six sub-leave. But he often fly. Early the level of skill. Plus steal power. The dodge shenfa is very confident. However, he looked for a moment in the distance. Also touch shades unclear Chen cold. If you are looking for a fight, unlike. Also not like this person. Also with a disability. Frequent flyer hesitate. The pondering of time. Suddenly saw not far from several people came in. This one is his head. He usually moving hands and also to this piece of children. For what kind of people on the streets are clear. Eyes around. Special forces used to makeup has been removed from the body. Applied directly to the face. Stature. Directly sidelines Bypass that four behind. Chang Fei suddenly rushed forward from behind. Hand into three Tahan care to young people in the middle. Although few Han is also very powerful. But that is the person-level degree of the latter part of the special forces. Against ordinary people. The fly is the class early. Mention dodge also powerful. He really want to start stealing a few East. They do now can not. But this time he was interested in so that they found ... "young master. Careful ... a move a fierce grappling grasping to. Frequent flyer like to be found. Steal things suddenly changed to snatch. A package of the young man grabbed the hand. As if in panic. In fact, at the foot of the pace of subtlety. Easily escape that three bodyguards fist. Looked like the run ahead. The young man was surprised: "package. Caught he gave me." That three bodyguards immediately rushed forward. Personal speed just faster than they are. Chen Han Meng rushed here. The hands of the the package directly tournament Chen Han's hands. This | is very natural. This kind of thing he'd done many times. A lot of people against him framed. Look each other like their accomplices. By the time one hundred fair hearing. Stuffed at the same time. His feet. The stature contingent accelerated. Hu wanted into the next escape.
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