LV bag routine maintenance of the five tools recommended

July 23 [Mon], 2012, 17:30
LV bag routine maintenance of the five tools recommended
louis vuitton outletDo not believe based on the fact that leather bag is the need of maintenance, the more advanced leather, the more difficult to engage. The maintenance of the LV bags only two directions: first is the leather section do not touch the water, run out into the dust bag away; the second is the "sun". Is to make the bags across the glass sun, each side must be the sun, each two hours to turn over the bag to fully see the light, so the leather surface of the part will become a light honey wax color, they are less likely to The card color, the bag will not like just bought the "dead white color, remember, do not drying too far. Give recommended several LV bag and maintenance tools, do not go to a special luggage maintenance shops, their own home can DIY maintenance of your precious bag, like the conservation of their shoes, not so difficult.
1, the LV special leather decontamination eraser (GUCCI, PRADA applicable):
To clean up the stains on the LV with leather, you can use this eraser to help. The light-colored stains on the white side, the darker stains gray mastic.
How to use: just use the eraser or mastic gently wipe the stain can not be too vigorously, along the same direction, clean up, otherwise it will scratch the handbag. Used for dirty easily handle with leather part.
Hereby certify that: LV handle with leather leather cortex epidermis stains can be removed, but if dark and dirty to have infiltration of the cortex, it is better to change the opponent pull, after all, not gods oil. Change opponents pull SPEEDY series is less than 1000 yuan, very convenient, instantly new!
LV special leather care oil (GUCCI, PRADA applicable):
Used to wipe clean when dirty, maintenance and cleaning to remove dirt and moisture of both. Is the usual cleaning, maintenance indispensable helper. Frequently used to make designer bags are long-lived. LV, GUCCI, DIOR, leather or woven texture. For basic cleaning.
The maintenance of oil suggested that the LV with skin color just turned honey-colored before use, otherwise it will accelerate the discoloration. But if it is deep stains, cleaning foam is recommended to use the latter will be introduced.
louis vuitton outlets Use: Shake when used with a soft cloth (Note Do not use the fade), cast the maintenance of the oil gently wipe, let dry naturally. The maintenance of oil, you can make the LV with the skin and slowly turn into a beautiful oil Honey. That is the LV most taste color.
MM to make it clear: buy a new LV bag, like in vain with the skin color is not recommended. Not closed because the pores of the new package directly with the maintenance of oil may cause pore blockage.
LV special leather protective film spray (GUCCI, PRADA applicable):
LV white with leather easy black and dirty, some like hand-rolled white sister, this must use. This is stain resistant, waterproof, dust-proof protective film! To prevent water or stain to penetrate your handbags, GUCCI, PRADA and other woven fabric is the same. Rainy days can the United States and the United States to take the handbag Manic Street Oh!
Usage: Shake well before use, from handbags 20cm, spray evenly on handbags, and then air-dried. Dirty easily handle and bottom part can be dry and then spray a layer. Layer 2 is sufficient to achieve a stain resistant, waterproof, dustproof effect oh! After a week spray were once
Note: just spray, may be skin color, but dried will return to the original color of the skin, using this will make the leather color slowdown. After getting to the water whenever the bags must be dry and then spray once to ensure the waterproof effect, in order to avoid the next poured into the water and hurt the leather.
4, LV clean foam (GUCCI, PRADA applicable):
This cleaning foam dark stubborn dirt on clean GUCCI, PRADA and other woven material is very helpful. For anti-fur, and canvas handbags. Cause discoloration due to hand sweat, jeans dirty woven material and canvas available, detergency strong!
Use: after shaking the bubbles spray a little above the soft brush, then brush slowly on the handbag. Shaoshao slowly brush, the smaller the range, the better. Gently slow brush from the sewage and India, with a clean soft towel to dry and air-dried. Without water.
Note: do not spray too much time, do not spray directly on the woven material. Slower cleaning and power, be patient or you may wear the bag.
The LV metal polish cleaning paste (GUCCI, PRADA applicable):
louis vuitton outlet saleLV lock or hardware easily oxidized in moist areas black, copper paste this rub a rub on the new.
Use: rub the copper paste on a dry cloth and gently rub the golden zipper stains on it and then another dry cloth to wipe clean.
Special Note: rub should be especially careful! Do not rub the skin would be leather black, if you want to rub a small place, you can use a cotton swab. And make sure that when the use is copper, will be effective. Copper clad do not try, will restore the cost of color.
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