Nations Custom Workshop: clothing has a life and soul

August 03 [Fri], 2012, 12:57
Nations Custom Workshop: clothing has a life and soul
louis vuitton outletCong Guoying, chairman of the IWC Workshop nations Workshop is a new brand, but we have a strong, skilled team. Take our brand's general manager of Zhuangzi Ru, he is one of them a letter top-level master craftsman, he was more than 20 years of age, you get the first GRECORIO LUZZI (Glasgow Ge Liao Luciano) Award the first clothing design Competition and the First Tianjin "standing cup" men design contest for their award in person, by the President of the Association of Italian fashion design, Di Rienzo Sebastiano (Renzo Sebastian). Workshop of the nations under the correct leadership of the Zhuangzi Ru Mr. and carefully cultivated, already has a team of highly skilled design team, this provides a strong guarantee for the quality of personalized custom clothing.Nations, on the other hand, the workshop also proposed a new brand concept - to do the life of clothing. For this purpose with the Beijing Institute of Clothing Technology to jointly develop a set of TPO dress management system in accordance with the change of time, place, occasion, three to determine the customer's different dress. For customers to learn to use international standards to regulate their own dress code, external dress to show an individual's unique temperament and image.Cong Guoying view, clothing is just the carrier, they sell more is a new dress ideas.Cong Guoying, said: "Now do a lot of advanced custom clothing brand, is to provide customers with products is fit for the greatest pursuit. Fit only the lowest stage of the custom clothing, let the garment has a soul, to be endowed with life carrier is the tireless pursuit of goals of our country workshop. "

louis vuitton online storeIWC Workshop custom apparel customers, but also a dress manual, this well-designed manual, detailed records about the history of this garment, her standard accessories suitable for the occasion, as well as other some relevant content. These are the details of efforts made to do a soul clothing.The Cong Guoying, the development of haute couture for so many years, especially men, are approaching maturity in the process, the version, the clothing is good or bad is not just to judge from the product itself, product cultural dimensions prominent.Workshop nations, their clothing a basic understanding of the results is an image management. Provide customers with customized apparel, in fact, is to help the customer to the process of image management.In addition, emphasis on service is a weapon to win the IWC Workshop. Workshop flagship store of the nations, tall, beautiful sales staff knowledge, training or expertise are impeccable. They introduced a telephone reservation site service more narrow the distance with consumers.Custom clothing district Adds new store IWC Workshop boost industry brand developmentIWC Workshop's flagship store in Beijing Crowne Plaza Hotel layer, gathered in its surrounding areas, including custom clothing brand, Charles Clayton, Japan Hanabishi as well as domestic Yongzheng tailor Rose Square domestic and international haute couture shops, site selection here to show the full confidence of the brand of its own strength.Cooperative Foundation Garment Technology, innovation and strategic alliances, executive vice president and secretary general of Italy the pedicle Lin Junior apparel brand in China chief representative, the honorary chairman of the IWC Workshop summer are built, said the IWC Workshop for the senior set understanding of the system of clothing and a huge advantage in the process, will enhance the brand and play a great role.

louis vuitton outlet stores"China's haute couture is booming, and this point is that we decided to create a direct driving force of the IWC Workshop. We believe that the strength of our team, and understanding of the haute couture, the IWC Workshop will certainly become the field of haute couture leader. we assume that in five years, the development of nations Workshop for listed companies. "Cong Guoying said. Summer, elegant men faded tedium and complexity of the dress, can finally light show his attitude. T-shirts appear too casual flat shoes is too random, showing the demeanor of a gentleman of the summer men how to keep cool mood became one worth thinking about. Especially a lot of business men, because of the limitations of the office environment, shirt, shoes or hit with in order to display the sparkle in the summer, the famous high-end custom shoes brand JACK PENG advice for you, light in the summer recommended for you to tailor shoes at the same time, it also brings all kinds of high quality leather accessories with all kinds of clothing, make you perfect to show the men of elegance and taste.When splicing to become a popular theme, elegant men's fashion trends, the splicing elements into their own daily lives. For shoes, splicing can not only show the craftsmanship of shoe technology, to better reflect the tastes of the wearer's personality. JACK PENG black & white oxford shoes is a brand of permanent classic shoes, black and white atmospheric natural, suitable for a variety of clothing with; splicing pattern at the design show the elegant beauty of England, highlights the brand's superb hand-shoe technology will also be a gentleman vividly presented in this summer heat into.

louisvuittonoutletsetJACK PENG, has years of high-end custom technology and filled with personalized color shoes I recommended in the main men required to bring tailor-made leather accessories, including the popular iPad cases, men's belt, iPhone leather case and leather card sets, decorated their daily decoration. Small objects of the cortex, but for the traveling man adds a more elegant taste. Accessories in personalized flower design, highlighting the brand "custom concept", namely, "threw himself starting from the customer. In addition, you can in your leather in their own personalized signature or your loved one with memorable words, belongs only to you the only high-end customized experience.
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