pplying a charge or discharge acts like a rubber band 

June 20 [Thu], 2013, 10:53
Measuring stored energy in an electrochemical device, such as a battery, is complex and state-of-charge (SoC) readings on a fuel gauge provide only a rough estimate. Users often compare battery SoC with the fuel gauge of a vehicle. Calculating fluid in a tank is simple because a liquid is a tangible entity; 636631-001 laptop battery state-of-charge is not. Nor can the energy stored in a battery be quantified becauseprevailing conditions such as load current and operating temperature influence its release. A battery works best when warm; performance suffers when it is cold. In addition, a battery loses capacity through aging.

Current fuel gauge technologies are fraught with limitations and this came to light when users of the new iPad assumed that a 100 percent charge on the fuel gauge should also relate to a fully charged battery. This is not always so and users complained that the battery was only at 90 percent.

The modern fuel gauge used in iPads, smartphones and laptops read SoC through coulomb counting and voltage comparison. The complexity lies in managing these variables when the battery is in use. Applying a charge or discharge acts like a rubber band, pulling the voltage up or down, making a calculated SoC reading meaningless. In open circuit condition, as is the case when measuring a naked battery, a voltage reference may be used; however temperature and battery age will affect the reading. The open terminal voltage as a SoC reference is only reliable when including these environmental conditions and allowing the battery to rest for a few hours before the measurement.

In the case of the iPad, a 10 percent discrepancy between fuel gauge and true battery SoC is acceptable for consumer products. The accuracy will likely drop further with use, and depending on the effectiveness of a self-learning algorithm, battery aging can add another 20-30 percent to the error. By this time the user has gotten used to the quirks of the device and the oddity is mostly forgotten or accepted. While differences in the runtime cause only a mild inconvenience to a casual user, industrial applications, such as the electric powertrain in an electric vehicle, will need a better system. Improvements are in the work, and these developments may one day also benefit consumer products.

Coulomb counting is the heart of today’s fuel gauge. The theory goes back 250 years when Charles-Augustin de Coulomb first established the “Coulomb Rule.” It works on the principle of measuring in-and-out flowing currents. Coulomb counting also produces errors; the outflowing energy is always less HSTNN-OB80 laptop battery than what goes in. Inefficiencies in charge acceptance, especially towards the end of charge, tracking errors, as well as losses during discharge and self-discharge while in storage contribute to this. Self-learning and periodic calibrations through a full charge/discharge assure an accuracy most can live with.

The disadvantages of the Li-FeS2 are a higher price and transportation 

June 20 [Thu], 2013, 10:52
Rechargeable batteries are gaining such high media attention that some consider non-rechargeables as old technology. Primaries still play an important role, especially when charging is impractical or impossible such as in military combat, rescue missions and forest-fire services. Other applications for primaries are pacemakers for heart patients, tire pressure gauges in cars and trucks, transmitters for Pavilion dv2 laptop battery bird tracking, intelligent drill bits in mining, light beacons in oceans, not to forget our wristwatches, remote controls, electric keys and children’s toys. High specific energy, long storage times and instant readiness give the primary battery a unique advantage over other power sources. Primary batteries are generally inexpensive, readily available and environmentally friendly.

Carbon-zinc, also known as the Leclanché battery, is one of the least expensive primary batteries and often comes with consumer devices when the batteries are included. Alkaline-manganese, known as Alkaline, is an improved version of the old carbon-zinc. Lewis Urry invented it in 1949 while working with the Eveready Battery Company Laboratory in Parma, Ohio. Alkaline delivers more energy at higher load currents than carbon-zinc and does not leak when depleted, although it is not totally leak-proof. A discharging Alkaline generates hydroxide gases. Pressure buildup can rupture the seal and cause corrosion in form of a feathery crystalline structure that can spread to neighboring parts and cause damage. All primary batteries produce gas on discharge and the portable device must have provision for venting.

Lithium Iron Disulfide (Li-FeS2) is a newcomer to the primary battery family and offers improved performance. Lithium batteries normally deliver 3 volts and higher, but Li-FeS2 produces 1.5 volts to be compatible with the AA and AAA formats. It has a higher capacity and a lower internal resistance than Alkaline. This enables moderate to heavy loads and is ideal for digital cameras. Further advantages are improved low temperature performance, superior leakage resistance and low self-discharge, allowing 15 years of storage at ambient temperatures. Low weight and minimal toxicity are added benefits.

The disadvantages of the Li-FeS2 are a higher price and transportation issues because of the lithium metal content in the anode. This causes restriction in air shipment. In 2004, the US DOT and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) banned bulk shipments of primary lithium batteries on passenger flights, but airline passengers can still carry them on board or in checked bags. Each AA-sized Li-FeS2 contains 0.98 grams of lithium; the air limitation of primary lithium batteries is 2 grams (8 grams for rechargeable Li-ion). This restricts each passenger to two cells but exceptions have been made in which 12 sample batteries can be carried. Read more about How to Transport Batteries.

The Li-FeS2 includes safety devices in the form of a resettable PTC thermal switch that limits the current at high temperature. The Li-FeS2 cell cannot be recharged as is possible with NiMH in the AA and AAA formats. Recharging, putting 487296-001 laptop battery in a cell backwards or mixing with used or other battery types could cause a leak or explosion. Read more about Safety Concerns with Li-ion.

Figures 1 and 2 compare the discharge voltage and internal resistance of Alkaline and Li-FeS2 at a 50mA pulsed load. Of interest is the flat voltage curve and the low internal resistance of Lithium; Alkaline shows a gradual voltage drop and a permanent increase in resistance with use. This shortens the runtime, especially at an elevated load.

This happens when a lead acid battery  

March 07 [Thu], 2013, 11:32
In its simplest form, a battery uses 2 different types of lead immersed in a diluted Acid mixture (Electrolyte), a chemical reaction takes place and electricity is produced. This electrochemical reaction changes chemical energy into replacement Pavilion dv3electrical energy (and vice versa) and has been the basic principle in automotive batteries for over a hundred years. These same power generating principles still apply today.

There are 3 common types of lead acid battery:

Starter batteries: used to start engines in cars, trucks, boats, etc. They normally have thin lead plates, which mean they are able to release a lot of energy in quick bursts. They are not designed to be fully discharged and if this happens often enough the battery is usually damaged beyond repair.
Deep-cycle batteries: used in renewable energy applications and camping etc. They normally have thicker lead plates which mean they are able to be fully discharged without any harm coming to the battery. Generally the thicker the lead plates, the longer the battery life is. Battery weight is a good indicator of thickness of the lead plates. One disadvantage is they cannot release their charge as quickly as a starter battery; however some can still be used in certain vehicle applications.
Marine batteries: used both for starting and for deep cycle applications, these are usually a combination of deep-cycle batteries and starter batteries.

The life of a lead acid battery can be determined by 4 key factors:
Cycle life – This is essentially how many charge and discharge cycles the battery can tolerate. If the battery is cycled frequently, its life will be shortened. Lead acid batteries should never be run completely flat, the recommended minimum charge is approximately 25%. The optimum time to charge a lead acid battery is when they reach around 50% of their total charge.

Age – The electrolyte used in the battery can actually eat away at the lead plates over time. This risk factor can be mitigated by keeping the lead acid battery in a cool place with the battery at full charge. Also try to purchase recently manufactured batteries, the longer it has been stored the more likely the lead plates would have been damaged by the electrolyte.
Construction – The thicker the lead plates, the longer the battery will last (this is a general rule but can be applied to most batteries).

Sulphation – This happens when a lead acid battery is not fully charged or left in a discharged state. A layer of lead sulphate can form on the plates and this can prevent the chemical reaction from taking place.

The average life of a lead acid replacement Pavilion dm4has decreased as the energy requirements of modern vehicles have increased.

A battery's life span depends heavily on usage; 6 months to 48 months, yet only around 30 per cent of all batteries actually reach the 48-month mark. Other key factors that affect the life of a battery include

Corrosion at the battery terminals 

March 07 [Thu], 2013, 11:29
Automotive batteries (often referred to as lead-acid batteries) are made up of plates of lead and lead dioxide, which are submerged into an electrolyte solution of about 35 per cent sulphuric acid and 65 per cent water - the rreplacement Pavilion dm3esult is a chemical reaction that produces electricity.

The battery's ability to supply high surge currents means that the cells maintain a relatively large power-to-weight ratio. These features, along with their low cost, make them attractive for use in motor vehicles to provide the high current required by automobile starter motors.

The battery stores energy to be release to start your vehicles engine. Once the engine is started, your car's battery is recharged by the engine-driven charging system or alternator (if a battery is discharged i.e. lights left onreplacement Envy 15 it must be benched charged to restore to full capacity).

Corrosion at the battery terminals can prevent a car from starting, by adding electrical resistance so it is important to clean the terminals periodically using water and a wire brush. Ensure you wear the correct protective gear (gloves and eye protection) as the white powder (lead sulphate) is toxic if inhaled, ingested or contacts the skin.

A parting shot on inverter backup batteries 

December 05 [Wed], 2012, 10:53
First things first, believe it or not there are no warranties on batteries even in the international market so this means that you are at the mercy of what the manufacturers, distributors, resellers, consultants tell you while hopingreplacement battery for 40Y8318 for the very best. Hope is a good thing but it is usually not enough especially when you are paying for a service.

In reality, many manufacturers provide a few spares or extras based on the quantity of batteries ordered. For example, a container load of batteries could have 2, 5 or 10 extra batteries. This means that any dishonest person or importer can pay for and import substandard batteries into the country and sell them to unsuspecting buyers knowing fully well that the batteries would pack up sooner rather than later. Someone can ask for a reduction in quality just to make more profit.

Basically, the strength of a battery is based on the thickness of the plates inside (read the positive and negative terminals) and if the battery is a rechargeable one then the rate of discharge or generally cycling will determine how long the battery will last as you recharge and discharge the battery.

This means that a battery that is in use will ultimately get weaker and weaker until it can no longer receive charge or hold charge let alone deliver any power to any load. So, it is possible to have 2 different batteries installed the same day with the same load with performances that are as different as anything you can imagine.

Is there a way to tell how long a deep cycle battery will last in service? Unfortunately no, regardless of what you see printed on the specs as basically all the tests these figures are based on were carried out in lab conditions most times at 25 degrees centigrade.

In most cases, references and past experiences from friends and colleagues help or you simply have to trust what the manufacturer, distributor, reseller or consultant is saying, that’s a tough one though. However, there is one area you must not allow yourself to be short changed – manufacturer defects. While this type of problem would most likely be pushed to the end user I strongly believe that such should not be allowed to stand because only the manufacturer or its agents should be held responsible for such problems otherwise it would be criminal as that would amount to end users paying for the manufacturer’s mistakes, errors and incompetence.

Serious battery dealers have good plans in place to handle issues like these. Serious alternative energy consultants equally have good working arrangements with battery dealers to ensure that customers are insulated from manufacturer defects related problems.

My advice is this – if a battery dealer, service provider or manufacturer refuses to commit on manufacturer defects related problems then run fast and look for those that understand the need to handle these issues the way they should be handled. They are out there, just look hard.

A parting shot on inverter backup batteries. Avoid trailer batteries (generally call automotive batteries) as they are not designed for deep cycling and based on this fact would pack up faster than any good deep cycle battery unless you don’t see any problem in replacing your batteries in a matter of months. Sealed maintenance free (SMF) batteries are not deep cycle batteries even though deep cycle batteries are usually sealed and are maintenance free.

Chew on the difference, very important. I have seen SMF batteries deployed as deep cycle batteries and before you know it the clients begin to wonder why their backup time just went from say 10 hours to 2 hours in just a matter of months.

Perhaps, the issue of getting good Lenvo 43R9257 laptop battery is one area where the credibility of the seller or service provider determines the level of trust a prospective client will have in dealing with a completely unfamiliar terrain.

Always remember that when it comes to agreements that if it is not written down then it does not exists and that an agreement is only as good as the willingness of all parties to abide by the it.

It makes much more sense to use traditional alkaline batteries  

December 05 [Wed], 2012, 10:52
I realize many people want to convert to rechargeable batteries for environmental reasons, which is fair enough. But the truth of the matter is this: when cost is the primary discriminator, low current-draw devices simply don’t warrant the extra expense of rechargeable batteries. That’s because theLenvo envy L08O6C02 of low current-draw devices are typically changed so infrequently that the payback period for equivalent rechargeable batteries would be too far long to justify the investment!

For example, it makes much more sense to use traditional alkaline batteries for low-draw devices like your wall clocks, radios, smoke detectors, programmable thermostats, and remote controls because they lose power at a much slower rate than rechargeable batteries.

And because traditional alkaline batteries can hold a charge for years when not in use, they are also the better choice for items that may sit unused for long period of time, like your alarm clock back-up battery andOriginal 43R1967 emergency flashlights.

When it comes right down to it, these low current-draw and/or low-use devices make up the great majority of battery-driven products in the typical home.

Single-user personal computers and workstations that can sit on a desktop 

October 17 [Wed], 2012, 11:43
Computer device capable of performing a series of arithmetic or logical operations. A computer is distinguished from a calculating machine, such as an electronic calculator, by being able to store a computer program (so that it can repeat its operations and make logical decisions), by the number and complexity of the operations it can perform, and by its ability to process, store, and retrieve data without human battery for Pavilion Mini 311 batteryintervention. Computers developed along two separate engineering paths, producing two distinct types of computer—analog and digital. An analog computer operates on continuously varying data; a digital computer performs operations on discrete data.

Computers are categorized by both size and the number of people who can use them concurrently. Supercomputers are sophisticated machines designed to perform complex calculations at maximum speed; they are used to model very large dynamic systems, such as weather patterns. Mainframes, the largest and most powerful general-purpose systems, are designed to meet the computing needs of a large organization by serving hundreds of computer terminals at the same time. Minicomputers, though somewhat smaller, also are multiuser computers, intended to meet the needs of a small company by serving up to a hundred terminals. Microcomputers, computers powered by a microprocessor, are subdivided into personal computers and workstations, the latter typically incorporating RISC processors.

Although microcomputers were originally single-user computers, the distinction between them and minicomputers has blurred as microprocessors have become more powerful. Linking multiple microcomputers together through a local area network or by joining multiple microprocessors together in a parallel-processing system has enabled smaller systems to perform tasks once reserved for mainframes, and the techniques of grid computing have enabled computer scientists to utilize the unemployed processing power of connected computers.

Advances in the technology of integrated circuits have spurred the development of smaller and more powerful general-purpose digital computers. Not only has this reduced the size of the large, multi-user mainframe computers—which in their early years were large enough to walk through—to that of large pieces of cheap HSTNN-CB73furniture, but it has also made possible powerful, single-user personal computers and workstations that can sit on a desktop.

These, because of their relatively low cost and versatility, have largely replaced typewriters in the workplace and rendered the analog computer inefficient.

There's never been a better time to get a portable scanner 

October 17 [Wed], 2012, 11:39
Need to scan documents while on the road? You can't take your multi-function printer (MFP) or flatbed scanner with you, but don't fret: there are plenty of good portable scanners these days to choose from. In fact, the original Pavilion dv3 batterymajority of scanners we review these days are portable models.

Some mobile scanners are hybrids, operating as desktop scanners when attached to a dock but can operate independently when undocked. Many mobile scanners can get their power over a USB connection with a computer and/or an AC power adapter, while a few battery-powered scanners have also hit the scene.

Most portable scanners let you scan directly to your PC via a USB connection. Some have memory card slots, letting you scan independently of your laptop, while a few recent models offer Wi-Fi connectivity so you can preview or store scans on your smart phone or tablet.

Mobile scanners are widely used by businesspeople to scan business cards and receipts while on the road. Some offer duplex scanning: the ability to scan both sides of a two-sided document simultaneously, and a fewhigh quality rn873 Pavilion dm4 battery come with automatic document feeders (ADFs) so you can scan multi-page documents without having to feed each page by hand.

There's never been a better time to get a portable scanner. Here are eight of our favorites; all earned high marks in our reviews, and most are Editors' Choice models.

Thus lower on battery power density requirements  

May 23 [Wed], 2012, 15:22
According to the forecast of the Wireless Power Consortium, 2016, the global wireless charging market value could reach $ 27 billion, "the future of wireless charging technology will be as popular as Bluetooth.", AMRES gold, Shenzhen City of Mobile Communications Association chief executive forecast.

For consumers, the significance of the wireless charging more than just bring the convenience of charging method, along with wireless charging technology from mobile phones, flat and low-power devices such as notebook computers, smart TVs and even electric cars and other large equipment to expand, More surprises are worth the wait.

Start another mobile terminal design revolution

Feng Jie, general manager of Motorola Asia-Pacific region consumer products, mobile technology, wireless charging the first widely used in the consumer electronics industry. "At least in this area of ​​the mobile phone, wireless charging has a strong practical energy conversion rate of the charging device, Qi, standard wireless charging technology has been able to get about 70% conversion rate, while the traditional wired charging equipment in conversion rate of 90% or so, the gap between the two, but the convenience of wireless charging is wired charge incomparable. "

Feng Jie said, I believe the next few years, the conversion efficiency of wireless charging will further enhance and ultimately achieve the same level with wired charging. "But this is not the most important, the implementation of wireless charging to bring huge innovation space will be designed for mobile phones, smartphone, data transfer basic has been achieved not only able to achieve wireless, WiFi, Bluetooth technology cell phone and wireless data exchange between computers, and even support for the wireless transmission of pictures, video, audio, and mobile phone transmission interface is basically only charging port is a must. Once the wireless charging technology popularization, then the charging port can be canceled, so that can truly realize the design of the phone completely closed, the thickness of the body must maintain the original because the interface problem can be further smaller, which will bring a more creative space for designers. "

In fact, not just the mobile space, in the technical planning of the Wireless Power Consortium, about the future 125W high-power electronic devices will also support wireless charging technology, which means that our daily contact more mobile terminal devices such as tablet PCs, laptops , GPS navigation equipment and even some small-power appliances, such as table lamps, bedside audio, LCD TV and so will usher in a new function and design revolution.

Last June, Apple submitted to the United States Patent and audit wireless in the local computing environment to use the power of patent applications in preparation for wireless charging technology to achieve wireless charging multiple devices at the same time in the same room.

Izumo business management consulting firm, the consumer electronics industry analyst, said Zhang Xing, wireless charging technology continues to mature, especially in the 500W power wireless charging technology in the conversion rate, low radiation to achieve a breakthrough wireless smart home may lead to a consumer revolution in the coming years in order to view the smart home market, wireless concepts are still stuck in the level of data transfer and system intelligence, and only joined the wireless power transmission technology, the wireless era will soon.

Promote the electric vehicle industry breakthrough

And convenience features compared to energy saving and environmental protection features of the wireless charging technology is more widely optimistic. Especially in the burgeoning field of electric vehicles, the development of wireless charging technology is regarded as the key to the industry to gain market breakthrough.

Is well known that the marketing of electric vehicles, the biggest problem in charging convenience, even if car manufacturers now in charge technically broke through repeatedly charging a household outlet to charge the two major technical difficulties, but still far behind the construction and development of the professional car charging stations the actual need.

, Dean of the College of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University, Huang Xueliang, a pure electric vehicle wireless charging is a general trend, while the new wireless charging technology is the key to future pure electric vehicle wireless charging.

Huang Xueliang, said wireless charging technology also been considerable development in combination with the smart grid. Wireless power on the road, will further reduce the energy density of the pure electric vehicle battery requirements, a strong impetus to large-scale application of pure electric vehicles. The same time, a combination of pure electric vehicles and smart grid construction also can monitor the battery state of pure electric vehicles, collected peak, low electricity load and electricity price information to guide a reasonable charge and discharge the owners of electric vehicles, no longer needed the participation of large numbers of staff, can reduce the human resource management and maintenance costs.

Moreover, According to experts, if the wireless charging technology is a breakthrough, then the problem of short pure electric vehicle mileage will become the "clouds". By then, the pure electric vehicles on the roads can be charged through facilities, which can greatly improve the mileage of pure electric vehicles. Thus lower on battery power density requirements will substantially reduce the manufacturing cost and selling price of pure electric vehicles, pure electric vehicles is more conducive to the promotion and application. At the same time, the driver can use the wireless charging fees for the relevant identification card settlement, allow pure electric vehicles to save the charge for electricity a lot of time.

If this technology is a breakthrough, as a pure electric vehicle "Forbidden Zone" heavy-duty trucks can also be due to the wireless charging and high-power motor car to truly enter the era of pure electric.

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This requires that government departments  

May 23 [Wed], 2012, 15:20
2009 the State Council issued the "automobile industry restructuring and revitalization of planning", once the pure electric vehicles as the most important new energy vehicles in China direction. After three years of adjustment and development, and still do not see any fundamental progress in China's electric vehicles. So far, 500 000 and 5% two goals are not achieved. In accordance with market sales target of 5%, and about 14 million of the current annual passenger car market in 2011 should be up and down the new energy vehicle sales of 700,000. Actual market sales of more than 10,000 units, a far cry from the sales target set from the planning.

In recent years, progress is more a thousand ten cities demonstration project of new energy to drive up the passenger car market, private new energy automobile market is almost zero, really ran a number of electric vehicles in the street, but only a few hundred vehicles scale, limited to a taxi.

Private little people to buy electric cars as their common means of transport, does that indicate? Market is mature, or whether consumers can accept, is the fundamental factor to determine the direction of new energy vehicle development. Zuoxiu Academy of Sciences also said that as an industry, not two or three years, the electric vehicle can do, you may need ten years, fifteen years, so we need to have a long-term development strategy.

Hybrid technology should not bypass the

Since decades, or even a longer period of development, the Chinese auto companies do in this decade? Continue in the traditional fuel vehicles behind to catch up with foreign auto companies? Regardless of market efficiency or work hard to pure electric vehicles?

The direction of new energy vehicles can not be a single dimension, must seek technical compromise and combination of the market two aspects, starting from a number of aspects. In the 1990s, General Motors developed the electric car EV1, why a few years later forced to give up? Because the development of electric vehicles do not meet the market direction. Contemporaries Toyota, due to focus on hybrid, but has created a growing market.

Of course, China's auto companies in the traditional fuel technology behind the foreign multinationals, but this is not its own brand image of the lower reason. The local car companies in the management, market research, lack of investment is lagging behind the main factors. Any technology, markets can not be separated from the technology of the market, will be shelved.

Japanese products in the field of hybrid pre-empted and lack of odd the Ashkenazi follow-up of hybrid car from a side note, even in the current critical environmental situation, the pure electric and plug-in electric vehicles is still not mature, is still difficult to solve the bottleneck of fast-charge and the mileage of these technologies, the new energy field, the hybrid is still the best choice for the moment.

Moreover, hybrid technology is not the monopoly of foreign brands in the world, such as Changan Automobile claims its own hybrid technology with Toyota, has a differentiation advantage, but suffered the embarrassment of policy not to support unable to industrialization. Meanwhile, the hybrid technology is not just a hybrid technology, but the two kinds of power combined with each other using technology. Therefore, the hybrid is the best way to transition to pure electric vehicles, hybrid gasoline-electric ratio can be adjusted, the proportion of fuel, once reduced to zero, that is pure electric.

Hybrid technology, although the need for fuel, but saving compared with traditional fuel, while fuel technology to allow consumers to more easily accept. Even from the point of view of environmental protection, energy saving, pure electric vehicles more environmentally friendly mass into the market but also, in time, has been accepted by the market of large-scale hybrid production and sale of natural can alleviate the current strain on the resources and environmental pollution and other issues. Hybrid technology products enter the market, you can also get more feedback from the market, and thus indirectly to obtain relevant market information for electric vehicle technology, and thus accumulate more market information for the eventual transition to electric vehicles.

Therefore, the development of pure electric vehicles is important, but at the present stage, whether it is for self-development of the domestic auto companies, or for the sound development of the interests of consumers and the market, hybrid technology are not bypassed.

Market to break the ice? To be to the Chief of

Private market freeze of new energy vehicles reasons are many, and promote the tendency of mode of administration, is a very important factor.

In fact, the promotion of new energy vehicles is a market-oriented things, that is, the market consumers are ultimately the most important decisions, executive orders and policies can only play a supporting role here. Consumers will not because the Government to promote the new energy automobile market, to buy new energy vehicles. Consumers consider the purchase of new energy vehicles are value for money? Whether the normal use? Able to get timely and convenient after-sales service?

Therefore, to change the backward situation of the development of new energy vehicle market, you must go to the Chief. This requires that government departments do not necessarily develop a specific market quantitative targets, to develop the new energy automotive industry development policy to support the strict supervision of the implementation of good policies, as well as the use of subsidy funds.

Monitor the use of funds, you can take the funds appropriated or step-by-step allocated, that is only supported enterprises to complete the target market to get financial support. Standard disbursement of funds must be able to meet the market demand, adapt to technological advancements in the market demand for new energy vehicles in order to obtain the support of the financial funds.

At the same time, expanding the scope of financial capital support to supporting enterprises, infrastructure companies, vehicle manufacturers, mainly from the current tilt. So, auto companies there is no hard and fast goals, they will be the major energy and financial resources to focus on how to achieve market-oriented, will bring financial support funds for more effective use of.

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