April 21 [Mon], 2008, 8:49
Today, i'd taken the first exam since I came here
and it's the first exam that it's not well prepared
more precisely, I DUN know how to prepare
although the exam is related to my previously working,
my working experience can't help (ok, i'm more practical person then theory)
I nearly read the whole text book and some case studies
but just felt like reading nth
there's no clear direction on the study
dun have any specific topics
full of uncertainties =.=
(made me headache and couldn't sleep, somehow panadol was good)

this exam was totally difference from what i had b4
so as expected,
i dun think i did well in the exam
the questions were so difference from last year
seems last year one was far more easier
and more related to the lessons

maybe i really not study hard
i was too relax for the past week
(haha......there's the disadv to finish assignments soon,
my plan was to finish all the assignments first, then could focus on revision
seems it just de-motivate me and gave me excuse to rest)

ok....still got 1 more exam to go
hope this one can do it better !

HK, I will back soon 

April 15 [Tue], 2008, 23:15
As title !!

just manage to book the tix
and because of my thinking cycle, i miss the cheapest one
planned to buy CX, but find BA is a "bit" cheaper
struggling between BA & CX
when i confirm to TRY BA, it's gone
ok, at least it stick to my original plan

keke......will back home soon ~~ finally (and unpredictably)

p.s Thanks VP for the birthday present, today was full of surprise and excitement

relaxing (pretended i dun have any assignments and exam) 

April 14 [Mon], 2008, 23:28
finally handed in the dissertation form and stop my thinking loop
when can i change my thinking habbit:
thinking -> confirm -> re-think -> re-confirm .......... x N times
till the last moment
as suki said, we're ppl like to "think"
as kelvin said, this's the only way i look like a gal except i have long hair and wear dress =.=
it makes me tired and annoyed
i dislike this kind of personality, just depressed and give troublesome to myself

ok......just the thinking process already consumed me the whole morning and afternoon
(Yes, I "confirmed" the topic few days before, but as my thinking habbit .....sigh...)

After that, had chat with Amanda for er....3 hr (i think)
suppose our aim was to study
but just couldn't stop talking and sharing
wuwuww.....Amanda you should stay on campus
you should know how bored i am
why i am the only chi gal in the class to stay on campus ?????
why u're not joining our scotland trip ???
it should be much fun, i expected u join us from day one mah
but but but but ..... sigh.....
my friends always laughed at me that i am surrounded by boys =.=
but they never know the truth

anyways, thanks for your encouragement
feel much better now
as u said, i just need someone to support :p

oops, assignment? study?
start tmr

optimistic vs pessimistic 

March 12 [Wed], 2008, 17:10
I am very confusing and worry about my assignment

everytime when i request to have meeting to discuss on that
group members are just reluctant and think dun need meetings at that moment

we just split the work
do our own
send it out
that's all

no discussion
no confirmation

each part is interrelated to each other
i am not sure what i did is correct or not
i am not sure other's part is final version or not
that i cant continue to work on my part

have meeting frequently or have long meetings means have a better outcome
but when there's a need, it worth to sit down and have detailed discussion

seems we cover most of the area
but it's inconsistent
and very narrow
(the main purpose of group work is to generate more idea and finish the task more efficiently)
but obviously
we just do our own work
no discussion and brainstorming

deadline is soon coming
finally they think it's a need to meet
yeah....they agree to discuss (but a short meeting)

doubt if we can finish the discussing and cover all within an hr
but they insist we're in the right track
just compare and pick out the inconsistency part then re-do is fine

sigh......but i think we still have long way to compete
i want is to go through part by part
think about what's missing,
which area should be improved ....

Teamwork, by definition, implies interdependence (Totally agree !!)

Teamwork enables people to finish task more efficiently and meet higher achievement and satisfaction. However, if may cause your project fail if you manage it badly.

already try my best to manage it...

hope my assignment got pass........................

worry ......

Non stop celebrating CNY 

February 21 [Thu], 2008, 14:54
From CNY eve till now (八月十五)
seems we have celebrated the CNY almost everyday
it's out of my expectation
i thot i was just boring and nth special here
but these 16 days,
just keep eating and eating
1) 6 Feb: hot pot on CNY eve with Chinese classmates

(have home-made dumpling and meat ball, with tofu and chicken soup, great)

2) 7 Feb: MBA CNY party on CNY day
3) 9 Feb: CNY celebrating dinner with hk frens
4) 10 Feb: Hot pot with MBA
5) 11 Feb: another hot pot (because lot of food left)
6) 14 Feb: gathering with CN classmates

(四川風味的紅燒牛肉, 炆豬手,獅子頭......勁呀 !!!)

7) 19 Feb: same as above
8) 21 Feb: gathering with CN classmates again to celebrating the last day of CNY

(水煮肉片,蒜泥白肉,鹵水金錢肚,可樂雞翼.....哇~真係一山還有一出高。食鹵水金錢肚嗰一刻,真係好想懷念hk金錢肚河~ one of my favor)

keke...more gathering then i was in HK
but it's good to have dinner with group of ppl rather then eating alone ~
and my CN classmates are really good in cooking
SUGOiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ~~~
i am keep learning


February 17 [Sun], 2008, 2:38
ho ho ho , finally could make a better look dumpling
practice make perfect, after the first trial last week, this time look prettier :p
but i prefer the dumpling skin of 1st time, more thin
and for the taste....
can add more salt, but other said it's still be good
it's the first time for me to make dumpling from scratch
(seasoning the fillings, fold it and cooked it )
so i am very satisfied with that already

daily travel in town 

February 09 [Sat], 2008, 23:26
I been here for nearly 5 months, i know less about the town
everytime i go there is mostly for shopping food only
(except the one we had city hunting in the introduction wk and went to cinema)

And finally, today, I have chance to walk around
Firstly, we just planned to shop for food (again!) and celebrate the CNY at night with HK frens here. But the weather was really really nice, so we changed the plan ...keke
(Sunshine~~, you know how long i havent seen such a nice weather here)

Lanc town is really a small town,
however, it's peaceful and really a good place to study (as less entertainment)
the building was very British
still remember when i first come here
i was attracted by those historical building
it gave me a sense of "finally i am in UK"
although here dun have large shopping mall, china town, not so convenience compared to other big city, it's a lovely town
actually compared to Manchester, i prefer here
quiet, easeful, restful

Lanc castle

street view (B&W mode)


Chinese New Year 

February 07 [Thu], 2008, 15:20
Happy Chinese New Year !

Suppose it should be a happy day, however, i am a bit depressed.
Maybe this is the first time I have Chinese New Year and away from family.
a bit homesick
ysd was having reunion dinner with classmates
enjoyable and could feel the CNY atmosphere
However, after calling back home and ATTENDED the lecture
(Yes, lecture, why i have to attend lecture during the CNY !!! it should be holiday and have fun !!!)

Still dun have any mood to do my assignment,
stick in my room and feeling alone
esp these few days keep refreshing back

Many things happened in yr 07 - happiness or sadness
that is a challenging year for me
resigned, went overseas, far away from home & fd, back to school, learn new stuff ..........

Although yr 08 already past for 2 months, CNY is just started.
Time to think and set up my to-do list/target in the coming yr:
1) Focus on my study (Yah, should pay more concentration)
2) Read eng news everyday to improve my english (dun want to stay in the same level after a year)
3) Keep Fit !!! (dun want to be too CUTE !)
4) Think about my future path - what should i do and where should i work at?working here (at least try to find), back to home or go other cty, anyways, it's time to look for jobs and send CV
5) Keep blogging (haha, i was always want to record the uk life, but lazy)

6) Think Less ....
7) Find ....
8) success in the plan

No electricity 

February 04 [Mon], 2008, 23:53
It's always fun to live here
you can experience something new

Followed by N-time fire alarm that we have to wait outside in freezing weather, and no water supply, this time we experience power system crash.

When i was doing internet surfing, suddenly all light and power switched off
from bright to dark within sec.....
wa......what happened....
went out and checked
seems not only our flat's problem but the electricity supply for the campus was down =="

although now resume the power supply, no email was explaining what happened....

No water !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

November 21 [Wed], 2007, 11:16
What an "Advanced" country, city and university.

Unbelievable that i am suffering from shortage of water.
Dun know what happened ysd,

OK, i was lucky that the water just run out after my shower (that's 12:30am)
so i checked what happened, a email said there would be shortage of water and estimated to last for 1 hr (but email sent @ afternoon) --"

And in the morning, no water !
email just said it's under repairing
What an efficiency team !
Finally it's said that finished reparing but will meet peak usager after 4, so aviod uncessary usage of water.

but the point is, I did not GOT any water till now (11:xx pm)

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» dumpling (2008年02月24日)
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