How To Create A Pet Bed

May 22 [Tue], 2012, 8:20

How To Create A Pet Bed

How to produce a Pet Bed


Determine how large a bed you will need to fit your pet. If Spot is a small Yorkie, then an old chair cushion will work. However, if Sunshine is a Husky, then you will need an old baby bed mattress or couch cushion. 1 way to figure out how big a pet bed you will need is to see which piece of furniture your pet prefers to sleep on; if they are allowed on the furniture, which is.


Plan out where the pet bed is going to be placed; this will determine whether or not it needs to be trimmed down. Put the old cushion or mattress on the floor for several days. See if it gets within the way when you are walking past it. If you need to trim it down, use a utility blade or large knife to cut off excess.


Place the protective pad over the cushion. If you don’t possess a protective pad, use a plastic sheet or even a shower curtain liner. This is to protect the cushion or mattress from moisture, odors or any vermin that might be living on your pet. Secure the pad with sheet smoothers, to help it stay in place.


Place the old sheet, blanket or fitted baby bed sheet on prime of the protective pad. If you used a plastic sheet or shower curtain liner, you really should use two sheets or blankets on prime; this will help prevent your pet from sweating due to lying on plastic. Secure the sheet(s) with sheet smoothers; these can be purchased at bedding stores.


Place an old rug on the floor where the pet bed will be located. This will protect your floor from the metal inside the sheet smoothers.


Introduce your pet to his new bed. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t take to it appropriate away; he might not like walking across something that gives beneath his feetHow to produce a Pet Bed. Encourage him with praise, petting and even treats till he is accustomed to it. Be patient, as this might take several days or even weeks.


Switch out the sheets or blankets and protective pad about as soon as a week and wash them, to help keep the flea and tick problem beneath control. While the bedding is being launderedHow to make a Pet Bed, spray the cushion with a fabric refreshing spray. Occasionally spray the cushion with a flea spray made especially for furniture.

How To Create A Pet Bed

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