nodojiman the world

June 26 [Tue], 2012, 11:26

a few days ago, i watched an interesting Japanese TV program that
foriegn people sing a Japanese song in front of celeb.
n i recommended it to my friend, Steph!
and she said she wanna try so i sent a link of that.
but application has already finished n she couldn't aplly~:'(
so i sent an e-mail to nittere.
i hope my e-mail is attractive to the people who r working in nittere.

lazy day

June 25 [Mon], 2012, 0:58

today i just wanna relax.
i wanted to biy fish & chips fpr lunch
but the shop was close so
i bought cold one in CK but
it wasn't so good:(
i've been eating a lot of fast food these days.
im a big:3 really need to diet:/

can't wait going to Cardiff!
im able to meet Geraldo!

bye bye Amy

June 24 [Sun], 2012, 16:40

amy soke me uo this morning cuz she was leaving here.
i said goodbye to her~~= byebye

after that i ate pasta.
i shoudn't have eaten..
felll not g

missed going to the zoo

June 24 [Sun], 2012, 8:14

i skyped with Maco last night:) happi
i remember i roughed a lot.
that's my Mako:P

in this morning, i couldn't wake up so missed the zoo..
so i went to MacDonald with abu n amy.
then i went to next to take my shose which i ordered before.
after that we wento town center to buy some food n amy's carry bag cuz one of
her bag was broken here:(

finally i came back to my flat but i was so stupid cuz i forgot my key in my room
n we couldn't enter so i called the staff.
they came there soon opened the door.
such a good

after i came back, i don really remember what i did.
a few hours later i ate dinner with amy.
n after that i wanted to take a rest but
they came to me n after all we were hanging
amy n aya went to CK n took some alcohol drink.
the thing to do after buying alcohol is drinking it!lol
so we did.

in my room.
ahh one of them was stinks!loool
can't say anyone. i just smeled

now im worrying about yuki-chan.
she has had trouble.
ahh what can i do for her from here?
her problem is very serious so can't solve easily.

now im with amy. she is writting a lot of letters for her friends.
aya went to bed a while ago.
she looked tired n angry when she came back here from her trip.
it was a kind of taking out.
i don like this thing cuz i don do this.

now i miss him..
i don know why but i just wanna see him asap.

milk tea

June 19 [Tue], 2012, 15:15

my class has started since yesterday.
it's small class cuz there r just 6 people.
half of those r Japanese that's why i don wanna be in my class now.
cuz i don think i can improve my English more.
the reason is not only Japanese but also the rest of people can't speak English well.
i know. i know cuz i was like that when i came her but i've improved so my class now is not
my level indeed. wanna learn more. wanna talk more.
does it sound mean?
but my teacher understood me cuz she knows who i am.
she adviced to me that if i want to, i can ask boss of teacher to have other course which is for students who r gonna go to this uni.
but she said it's more expensive than my course so i said to her that im okey in my class.
i said that but actually im still thinking.
but it just started. so i can just stay in class n if i dont wanna be there really, im gonna
ask my mom whether i can have the other course or not.
im not gonna go to uni here so it might be waste of money.
yea any i decided to enjoy my course!
we have short trip in every weekend so i can hang out with my friend atill now.
im different class from them but i can still meet in ma flat n that trip.
yea think about it in positive way.
yea this is me.

btw i haven't slept since last night.
im going to class without sleep.
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