2009年08月09日(日) 5時01分
My mum and I are very busy with packing our luggage for our 2weeks travel to italy ^^
We will go there by tomorrow evening and I hope that we'll have nice weather over there ._.

//Yesterday I met up with Ina and Eli (Eli is a friend of Ina from Bavaria) we showd her around in Hamburg and ate Sushi

Well.. I have to go feed my little hamster mistress (:


2009年08月06日(木) 20時56分
I'm on my way to a job interview for my intership ><
please cross your fingers for me!

Aahh~ excited!


2009年07月31日(金) 3時09分
I've just raped my leg with the epilator.. and OUCH! >>>><<<<


That's one big odd cloud, isn't it? 0o
I just made a photo of this while waiting at the bus station~

Let's end this awkward post here xD

buzzer beat 

2009年07月30日(木) 6時41分
I've just watched the second episode of buzzer beat and

uhh i really begin to like this dorama.. I mean..
halfnaked guys each episode? xD.. that's one nice thing!
Also YamaPi is really cute.. but I don't like those dorama-kisses..
well especially not his!
it just looks like a not so passionately kiss of dead fishs & what the hell is that?

new new new 

2009年07月29日(水) 18時59分
I bought myself a few new t-shirts
these are just two of them..

I bought the white shirt kinda jzst because of the Wondergirls xP
Tell me Tell me T-t-t-t-tell me~~~~
It's written on the shirt xP

{hellooo short hair}

I'll go shopping in Hamburg now..
I will pick up Nicole in a few minutes.. ^^''

Have a nice day ~

sorry sorry shorty~~ 

2009年07月29日(水) 18時49分
I cut my precious long hair..
But I slowly get used to the short haircut ><


{secretly i hope it will grow longer sooooon ><}

shoes are the girls best friends.. 

2009年07月29日(水) 18時42分
I bought 3 pairs of new shoes

cute sandalsmy cat seems to like them toogreat lilac shinee shoes

I totally love theeem : D


2009年07月29日(水) 18時32分
I totally forgot about my blog here ._____.
but I really wanna post again and I have maaaany things to tell

So I'll just continue posting and spaming this blog with my privat BLAH-nonsense


2009年05月20日(水) 1時58分

my stephbrother announced today that he'll visit us tomorrow with his new girlfriend.
(GNAH T__T I really liked his last girlfriend.. why did they break up?!)
They'll stay for 3 days..
The last time I saw him is .. barely one and a half year ago!
I'm really looking forward to see him again

Today, I wrote the VERY LAST physics exam of my life!


2009年05月11日(月) 14時38分
The last days my uncle and I built a {kind of} terrarium for my hamsterlady because the aquarium was rather small.. It took us 5 hours to finish this and also a lot of money..~
But she really likes it and thats the mainpoint. ^^

She also becomes more and more gentle everyday..
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