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The commissar was setting his cap just right, ready for business. Think, Anakin, how often do you see your uncle use the Force in raw displays of strength?" He frowned. " There were many other things Jag still had to organize with his second in command, and he went straight to the barracks she had been given to discuss them with her.

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It fell upon me as if I were a long-lost cousin, and put around me its many-jointed wings. He parted the ferns, moving back into the night shadow beneath them, and found his way to the moss-covered wall. They were his close protection, his last line of defence. Sales and Manufacturer awareness ended up the two main objectives powering all SEM applications. The Falcons console warning signals chirped in, and glancing down at the small viewer, Han and Leia caught the approach of the first retreating friendly starfighters, just a few greenish blips on the screen.

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