boku wa sado 

2006年01月28日(土) 17時30分
wow! this is complicated!

well, this is my journal now, i made it completely out of whim at three in the morning (though apparently it's 17:30 in japan time). anyhow, i hope this turns out pretty, i will not tell many people about it because i tend to not follow though with these things.

i had a HORRIBLE day! first of all, i had an essay test in my american humanities class, and i wrote it ALL WRONG. i didn't have three main points, for some really stupid reason, i forgot to develop those. the worst part of all is that he is grading the papers more harshly because we had the question ahead of time and time to prepare... i'm dead

then at work, my register was off. it was originally 19 over, but i think i had 25 ones that weren't supposed to be there, so that would make my register six dollars short. wtf, not my day today... maybe i will have to pay tomorrow, i don't know. but i have cash (for once) so i will be okay... i don't want to work anymore. it's sad, i am a bad cashier (and i used to be really good!). i'm sad...

something else bad, (sorry to be all negative) is that nippon-export cancelled the order for my GLAY 2006 calendar because they are out of stock too bad... so i bought one from yesasia, it is more expensive...

that's all, goodnight!
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