u remember me? 

July 08 [Sun], 2007, 19:41
it took more than a half year for me to write here.
there u go again.
well, since i came back to japan, i've not been feeling like opening a computer everyday and writing sth in english.

as u might see, my english skill has been getting worse.
i really feel that, so i don't wanna "show off" my mistakes.

i watch FRIENDS almost everyday (i just love that show) and i understand what they say, but when it comes to speaking ... NOOOOOOOOOO.

tourists often come to my restaurant and i have oppotunities to speak with them, but my mouth doesn't move.

i'm kinda planning to stay here for one and a half year and then go to the states again to keep study. but i'm really worring about that. is that too long?

i gotta do something!!

what am i working for? 

January 15 [Mon], 2007, 18:12
i caught a cold and have a fever.
It was almost 39℃ two days ago, so I took two days off.

I didn't wanna miss my work a lot, so I went to work today.
Most of my co-workers were really nice to me, like they said, "Are u all right now?" or stuff like that.

One of them, who was really nice to me, warned me like some people might tell me something offensive cuz the workers here are not suuposed to be absent.

well, actually i didn't know that. I'd never heard of that.
I did feel sorry for not coming on busy weekends.

But, yeah, one of my co-workers told me like "do u know how hard it is even if only one person is absent?" or sth like that and she was kinda mad.

i was so shocked and depressed and couldn't stop crying.

i do understand that people should be strict to prevent those who pretend illness and skip the work, but ... i'm so sick to think about what a job is for.


January 10 [Wed], 2007, 22:55
My best friend got married

Oh, Jeez. 

January 07 [Sun], 2007, 20:10
I've not written more than 3 months

Sorry, the guys who often check out my blog.
But I really appreciate u do. love u

well, while I didn't write anything here
a big change happened to me.

guess what?

I came back to Japan.
And I'm working here as a part-timer.

My English has been getting worse and worse.
I watch FRIENDS almost everyday, but I've not spoken English at all.
So, I don't think I can speak or write in English very well.

OK, YOU help me


September 22 [Fri], 2006, 15:13
It's been cold recently.
Fall seems to be here already

Today my friend took me to a teashop that I'd never been.
It's called T** Zone.

I ordered Green-Tea Latte that she recommended, and that was so good. I liked it. Also I liked the shop. Nice sofa, lights, furniture, etc.

While we hang around downtown, we stoped by some stores that I'd also never been to. One of them next to a Japanese restaurant was full of great stuff, like kitchen stuff, Christmas stuff, and so on. I was so happy only to be there.

Finding a store I've never been gets me so happy.


September 19 [Tue], 2006, 11:24
Check out this video on E. coli.


I gotta ... 

September 18 [Mon], 2006, 16:10
go on a diet

Recent Favorites A 

September 17 [Sun], 2006, 8:16
I'm on a vacation (actually, I graduated from school), so I have enough time to take a bath like for an hour.

I use(?) this kind of bubble bath

Mango Mandarin

My friend gave me a set of body lotion, shower gel, body splash and bubble bath, and I really like this scent.

Try it

Recent Favorites @ 

September 16 [Sat], 2006, 8:20

South Park

When I watched this show a long time ago, I didn't like it, to be honest.
Maybe because it contains lots of slang words and the scenes I didn't wanna see. Besides, I didn't understand what they said. too fast to me.

But due to my friend who loves this show and my eagerness to increase my listening skill in English, I started watching this show.

Then, I found out it's not only funny but interesting.
You know, it's not only just...ha, ha, ha!! It's focusing on the important issues.

Some scenes still make me sick, but I like this show;)

more than a month 

September 07 [Thu], 2006, 11:28
While I didn't write anything here,
a lot of things happened;)

I wrote them in my Japanese blog, though.

I graduated from a community college this summer.
I got a transfer degree, or AA degree,
mainly studying psychology and sociology.
Although I got the transfer degree,
I don't go to a four-year univ. soon.
I'm going back to Japan to earn some money.
I don't wanna be too dependent on my parents, u know?
In a year or two, I'll be back to the US to go on my study.

I leave here on Oct. 6th.
I've not bought a ticket yet, though.

I'm not so excited to go back to Japan.
Half and Half.
I mean, I miss my family and friends in Japan,
but I would also miss my friends in the US.

Those friends who live close to my place will no longer be "there".
That's so weird.

Oh, I was not to become nostalgic now.

I'll keep touch with them.

I would miss Portland, too.
I've recently realized I really like Portland.

For now, I just enjoy the rest of the time in here.

■I live in Oregon and study at community college. I'm still not good at English, so I'd be glad if you point my errors out. If you know Japanese, please click here, too.■
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