An R4 card is an expandable card which you will use as an adapter for your Nintendo DS

May 09 [Mon], 2011, 16:57
A Nintendo DS is one of the most innovative and exciting gaming consoles on the market today. Decades ago, Nintendo grew in popularity based on the Game Boy system, which was a handheld system that allowed you to play games based on little cartridges that you could slide into the unit. Today's DS is much like the original Game Boy, except that it will allow you to experience games of an even higher caliber with a wider range of functions available. In order to take full advantage of these features, however, you will need to consider which R4DS card will be right for you.

An R4 card is an expandable card which you will use as an adapter for your Nintendo DS. You can use these cards to store information relating to your games, including the basic "save" levels, which will allow you to continue your game from the same point at a later period in time. The only problem with obtaining one of these cards is the fact that there are 3 different types of Nintendo DS which are on the market and not all cards are compatible with each DS system.

Between the Nintendo DS, R4, the DS Lite, and the DS-i models, you are going to find that there are many different card options. If you hope to find the best expandable memory card for your gaming console, you will need to look through all of the options to find which card offers the widest range of features and will still work with the console that you have. This can mean that you'll need to take the time to do research into both your system and your gaming needs.

Both the regular Nintendo DS and the DS Lite will typically be able to work with the same cards. Whether you turn to the basic R4 card or look for something expanded, it shouldn't be difficult to find a compatible card to use. The problems come with the DS-i, which is a newer model that uses advanced technology. It isn't always easy to find a card for your DS-i which is going to work with all of your special requirements.

Perhaps the best place to turn would be toward an ez flash card. Not only does the ez flash work with the R4 DS-i model, but it is backwards compatible for the older styles of Nintendo DS as well. It is also one of the newest cards to hit the market, meaning that the latest updates are included in the construction of this accessory. It will have the best luck with the newest DS games and it should be considered a reliable investment for a while into the future.

The ez flash card may be the best option for an R4 model card no matter what type of Nintendo DS you own. It works with all 3 types of models and even if you simply have a DS Lite currently, should you ever choose to upgrade to a DS-i, you know that you'll have a memory card that works with your model. Considering what types of Nintendo DS consoles are currently available, an ez flash could be your best match for covering your bases.