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Great documentary man! You should share this with Hes Kicks and Nightwing2303, they would surely enjoy it and get it out there because this should have WAY more views..

Very dope video great work bro

Sebastian Maniscalco: Stay Hungry Full Movie Solar Movies.

Oh shoot! at 0:52 it says Sacramento Arden Fair Mall. If its the Concord XI release in 2011, I might be there cause I got interviewed that day by the same news channel.


what are bots?

I have to disagree with that definition of a sneaker head. A sneaker head in general is anyone who has interest in sneakers and likes them for what they are. You can't say one isn't a sneaker head because he only has Adidas or Reeboks etc. If you love sneakers and have a collection. Youre a sneaker head, you have pride in what you do. Doesn't all have to be exclusive or rare..

Another Nike commercial

12:24 boiii wtf is that dc young fly!!!!

Those are the koby P.E 8s

A documentary about the biggest first World problem ever..

respect! I appreciate the passion and the positivity.

What are bots ?

Amazing work Thank you!
Can anyone tell me what the sneaker is at 19:39 sitting on the top of the jeans?
Hypebeast- The dude wearing China's on one foot and Big Bangs on the other.


Can't wait!


Just for Kicks did it better. In 2005. LMAO.
Unbelievable documentary. Great editing. Some of the best production values I've seen in a sneaker doc. Really interesting commentary on the culture. In my experience, even though I grew up wearing Jordan's and Iverson Question Mid's, didn't really care about them. Didn't enter sneakerhead culture until I was around 19. Because of that, never sought status. Love sneakers and the culture in a vacuum purely for the love. Not looking for anything from it, but definitely get a certain powerful feeling walking out in Jordan 1's or Hero LeBron 11's, etc. This documentary hits on the emotional aspect of what it means to connect to a shoe. Definitely can relate..

this is a solid doc
that is in no way the definition of a sneaker head bro, they don't need to be rare and exclusive to be a sneaker head lmfao cmon man
Can we get a release date Jumpman?
You can straight up tell that how much work have keep put for this documentary...Great Work!!!
Sick people 
Great vid
I need them because i need that dopeness in my life
15:20 kobe 8s????????
Dope viedo!! this its is

dope vid though! keep it up
sole seekers sandals
Great flick. Keep it mabye review or boxings
sad cases the lot of them
This dude sounds like easy e
sole seekers
This video was dope
This was amazing man!
if you dislike this video your a complete idiot....
Loved the content, well done job. Keep pushing, spread positive energy, it's contagious 😊. I think it's super sweet that you spend QT with lil man, need more of that guiding encouragement. I am now a new new sub. Many Blessings, Kristen......last words Always be stronger than your strongest excuse.. Peace,Love, Respect. 👧.

Sucks though because tho pink foams aren't actually tied to breast cancer awareness whatsoever
u sould have gave that kid sum heat ...jus sayin
Sneaker collecting is overrated lol Shit was dope back in the late 90's to mid 2000's. Not so much now. The sneaker hobby is played out if you ask me.
I feel ya but sometimes its just there style you know what I mean he might be a hypebeast but he might not be sometimes people have different styles of clothing and shoes..

soleseekers gurnee
what brand is that bear with glasses and a crown? I see everyone wearing the t-shirt and hoodies
Dope Doc!
Beautiful documentary - love all the family stuff too. Very positive - thank you.
I know this an old video, but I'm just getting back in the shoe spirit and this was the right video i needed to see to let me know it's ok to go for what i want..




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