on the disabled 

2005年09月14日(水) 14時07分
When my family first started living in London,
we were all surprised by the number of disabled in the city.
Much more disabled people were walking around, shopping and having good time with their families in the city than in Japan.
We attributed the reason of this experience to the higher birthrate of disabled in England.

But that's not the case.

The birthrate of babies who have congenital abnormalities are not so different between races.

So then why?

Now I have understood the background.

In Japan, families which have a disabled member are very pessimistic about their future.
And they are too couscious about what their neighbors are thinking.
Japanese are too afraid of being different from their neighboring majorities.

They do not like go out with the disabled in public place.
The reason of seeming less number of disabled in Japan is just this : they do not appear in public place.

Actually, one of my relatives have congenital abnoemalities. I have analyzed this social problem from my close observation.

In England and most of the Western countries,
people do not think in Japanese way.
They take it for granted that each individuals naturally be differnt,
so they can think wheather being a disabled or being a "normal" is just a matter of extent.

Of course, the disabled in England may live a hard life to achieve normal quality of life and may get pessimistic about their future. But not to the extent of the Japanese.

I experienced English culture and Japanese culture, so I can analyse the difference between the two cultures.

on US pavilion in EXPO 2005 

2005年09月10日(土) 17時58分
US pavilion at the EXPO was great!
There were three good points.

We did not need to wait very long.
Even though there were many people in the queue, I just wait only 35 minutes until entering it. (Compare some famous companys' pavilions which we had to wait 3-4 hours to enter!)

The pavilion gave me courage and made me positive toward my life.
The show was focusing on 4 main messages.
Pursue your dream! Keep your hope! Be positive! Value of freedom!
I was really impressed.
I sometimes feel down on my future, I will try to be positive from now on.

Very good at entertainig audience.
There were many devices to entertain and sometimes surprise audience during the show, so the audience did not get bored at all.
I really enjoyed the show.

on this blog 

2005年09月04日(日) 12時12分
Studying hard--- It sometimes makes me annoyed.
For what am I studying?
What's the purpose of studying?
Sometimes, I even suspect "Is this a waste of time?".

I would like to find an answer for this question through communicating with my friends and writing on this blog.

Let me introduce myself.

I was born at the Great Britain.
After a couple of years of living there, I flew across the Eurasia continent and landed on this island --Honshu island where I'm living now.

I am a college student.
I will start studying International Relations from this October in another college.
I am really looking forward to studying it.

I'm not sure if this makes sense to you,
but I attribute the motive of going for International Relations to my life pathway--from the western island to the far east island.


There are two goals to start this blog.
The first is---to improve my English. Quite an ambitious challenge, right?
The second is---to think about myself through writing.


I am wondering if you would enjoy this homepege and make some comments on my writings, pleeeeeeease!
Thank you.
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