Get fit in Little Elm!

November 25 [Tue], 2014, 16:41
In order to combat obesity, Mayor David Hillock and fellow town officials have announced the start of a 10 week fitness challenge for Little Elm residents in January.
On Jan. 3, registered residents will Magic Slim Diet Pills take part in scheduled overall health events through the town inside a concentrated effort to shed weight, get healthy and promote healthy eating habits and self-confidence.

A schedule of healthy events will be released prior to the end of the season, according to officials.
"One of my priorities would be to have a healthier and healthy town," Hillock stated in a release. "Our town is battling an obesity and sedentary crisis. We can beat the task."
Based on a release from town officials, the publication "Men's Magazine" annually rates the 25 Fattest and 25 Fittest Cities in the nation, and Texas placed four cities in the fattest category and just two within the fittest for 2014.
"Of the nation's fattest cities, Houston wasn't any. 1," said Tracy Spino, Little Elm fitness coordinator. "Also making the top 25 were El Paso at seven, Arlington at 15 and Dallas at No. 25. On the fittest side, Austin arrived at 12 and Dallas at 25. We're aiming to reverse those numbers by starting right here in Little Elm."
Besides the scheduled activities, residents may have the chance throughout the 10 weeks to sign up in health-promoting events like the Little Elm Carnival 5K on March 7, Mayor's Meal Choices at select local restaurants, fitness and nutrition seminars throughout the town and tips from sponsor PHIT America and the American College of Sports Medicine
"Local restaurants are also participating by offering special Mayor's Challenge Healthy Meals," Spino said. "Hopefully, these will become a standard feature of the local eating establishments, since weight reduction and fitness are really changes in lifestyle, not only temporary fixes."
Added Hillock: "Getting fit will not only assist you to physically, it can help you emotionally too."
Registration for that Ten-Week Challenge runs until Dec. 7.
Residents will be inspired to weigh in in the Pure Fat Three Days Little Elm Recreation Focus on the very first day, as well as weigh in again after the task. The town will also host a "Commit to Be Fit" banquet for participants throughout the challenge.