[Week 5] The Giants do not slow

July 03 [Tue], 2012, 10:44
[Week 5] The Giants do not slow
It will be very strong to stop the New York Giants Stewart Bradley Jersey (4-0). Despite the suspension of receiver Plaxico Burress, Tom Coughlin's men have bitten the dust at Seattle Seahawks (1-3) at home Sunday afternoon. Eli and his teammates have established themselves on the score of 44-6. The defending champions seem even stronger than last year. New Yorkers have achieved a near perfect match. The attack has garnered no less than 523 yards. The quarterback Eli Manning (19/25, 267 yards, 3 trials) has methodically dissected the opposing defense against the pass and superbly delivered his passes to eight different receiver. Runners Jacobs (15 races for 136 yards, 2 trials) and Bradshaw (11 carries, 65 yards) have demolished the front four "Swiss cheese" of visitors. The defense has also proved intractable. The statistics are impressive: 185 yards conceded and conceded only one third attempt in eleven attempts. On the season, the defense conceded just 49 points or an average of 12.25 points per game. The next opponents were already warned not the Giants do not intend to press the brake.

Washington Redskins (4-1) remain on the heels of the New York team and also seem impressive. Jim Zorn's men won their second away win Sunday against a rival from the NFC East. The redskins have emerged in Philadelphia on the score of 23-17. Despite a poor start to the match the visitors refused to panic and then started the steamroller. The Redskins have completely dominated the game physically. The offensive line has done a tremendous job to allow Clinton Portis (29 races, 145 yards, 1 touchdown) to achieve a superb game against the best defense in the league against the run. Thus the redskins were able to control the clock quietly for more than 35 minutes, have garnered 203 yards on the ground and converted 11 of their 19 third attempts. The quarterbackQuarterback
is the strategist of the team. He decides tactics with his coach. He is responsible for passing the ball to his riders and distill the passes to his receivers. Jason Campbell has kept its calm and was able to thwart blitzBlitz
defensive tactic where defenders are responsible for the Sacker go QB or tackle the running backRunning Back (RB)
generic term in the world and HB FBFullback (FB)
powerful and versatile runner. It acts as Eli Manning Jersey a blocker, receiver and bulldozer ball in hand. Is with the halfbacks (HB), running backs (RB) .. as soon as possible in order to inflict a loss of ground in the attack. But there is a risk: the defense must be quick because otherwise it could face a long pass. constant of the Brandon Jacobs Jersey opposing defense (16/29, 176 yards). The defense also well contribute to limiting the opponent's ground attack to only 58 yards and one first attempt from half-time of the first quarter and half of the last quarter. Even more impressive, the Redskins did Brent Celek Jersey not make any turnover for the fourth consecutive time.

In third place was the Dallas Cowboys (4-1) who have had some difficulties, however, to get rid of the Cincinnati Bengals (0-4). The Texans have finally imposed but 31-22 against the pass defense looks pretty suspicious. Fortunately, the attack has regained color. Wade Philips men were determined to impose their ground game this week. Marion Barbers (23 Races, 84 yards) and rookie Felix Jones (9 races, 96 yards, 1 touchdownTouchdown (TD)
is the test that is 6 points and which can be converted to 1 or 2 choice points. Just as the ball enters the endzone. (No need to flatten)) experienced an auspicious day. Thanks to the efficiency of the running game, quarterback Tony Romo did not need to make a Tom Brady Jersey great match. That said, it is still shown to be effective (14/23, 176 yards, 3 touchdowns, 1 interceptionInterception
QB's passes caught by a defender (an opponent).).

Finally, there are in last place Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) who are completely overwhelmed by events and not very far to play for next season already. The Eagles have lost two games in the division and are one win and three losses in the national conference. Andy Reid's team seems completely lost on the ground and finds himself physically dominated. One can even question the fitness of players as injuries continue to decimate the team. The offensive playcalling is more predictable from the lack of ground game and especially the unwillingness to impose the ground game. In the blitz defense systematic linebackersLinebacker (LB)
versatile defensive player who is the second defensive curtain., to mask the inefficiency of the front four, leaving large holes in the middle of the defense and attack adverse benefit. The work to be done. Unfortunately a win next Sunday is imperative to try to stay a little time to be in contact with rivals.