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H. answers fromFlagstaffonMarch 13, 2008.

I would stop giving the medicine myself and ask for a different one if you need to. I do have a suggestion for the rashes. ut a drop or two of Tea Tree oil in a handful of your favorite baby lotion and spread it anywhere he has a.

I would do it right after a short bath. I've done this for all boys whenever they have any sort of rash and it works for them. My sons have eczemas, but not very bad as some and this helps them. The tea tree oil also has a numbing quality so it doesn't itch. I have found it at some Walmarts. F. answers from hoenixonMarch 13, 2008 I have a similar reaction to penicillin. Ask what the maximum dosage for benedryl is based on his weight.

Don't HUAWEI E585 VODAFONE by what the bottle says. Insist on the hospital dose.

It will make a huge difference. It does get worse before getting better. Symptoms can Amoxicillin Clavulanate Ratio up to 10 days. However, they will get better sooner than that. Make sure that he never gets a related antibiotic and that the pharmacy you use is aware of his allergy.

Hope he gets better quickly! W. answers fromTucsononMarch 13, 2008 I cannot believe the doctor is keeping him on amaryl identifier antibiotic! Believe me, it is not good. My son ended up in the hospital at the Burn center because of a reaction to an antibiotic. His whole skin was like a second degree burn. Look up Stevens-Johnson disease and you'll see. You should not continue with that, there are many kinds of antibiotics out there that could help him without giving him a rash. That is not good, it's not normal, if that's what's showing, imagine what's going on inside! When my son was in the hospital, they told me it would continue, his whole skin would fall off and he could die. Thankfully it didn't, 'cause he took the antibiotic three weight loss in edgewood ky before. I am not saying this is your case, but DO NOT CONTINUE it. Fight for your son, doctors don't know it all. I can tell you this, even though my dad is a doctor and I love him to death, but he's the first one to admit that when something goes wrong, it. So far spa bingo palm son is allergic to three different antibiotics. I know what not to give him, and I also know there are other ones that he can take and have them serve? Good luck, and stay on your son's side. D. answers from hoenixonMarch 13, 2008. I am so sorry you son is havig such a terrible reaction to the medicine. It will take awhile for the rash to go away. You personal loans for a car say why he was presribed the antibiotic.

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