April 04 [Sat], 2009, 2:14
Oh my, it's been a long time!
Yay, Tara is back, haha And I decided to write about my life and my Club.
Yes, I own a club, a little Host club named Club Saphir
Except that the hosts are women and not men. *smiles* And it's quite interesting, how many girls book them.
Maaah, this will be my future. I will open the first japanese based host club in Germany, yay! ヽ(*´д`*)ノ *laughs*
So anyway. I hope, you're all fine, ne?

Baibai! ⊂(^ω^)⊃


12. お誕生日おめでとうございます, たらさん ! ! ! 

December 24 [Mon], 2007, 0:31

お誕生日おめでとうございます and Merry Christmas to you, Tara-san! ⊂(^ω^)⊃
Hope, you'll have a great Birthday and also a great Merry Christmas! *laugh*


December 17 [Mon], 2007, 19:57

goooood morning, folks ! ヽ(*´д`*)ノ
This is tara who's very tired today. The picture shows me after waking up. *laugh*
I skipped school today, because I slept only three hours this night and I'm sure I would sleep in school, so... I didn't go. *laugh*
To be honest, I don't feel good about skipping school, but I have no other choice, I think.
However, I'm working on the christmas/birthday present for Tara, but I don't know how to send the gift to him. (´・ω・`) My friend said, I should send it to the fan adress of bizichi-sama, but I'm not sure about it... *sigh*
However, have a great day ! ⊂(^ω^)⊃


December 08 [Sat], 2007, 1:43

it's christmas time! ヽ(*´д`*)ノ
I don't like christmas THAT much, it's just stress, but when I see this wonderful woman in front of a christmas tree... I just love it. *laugh*
Lone time no see... I'm lazy with this yaplog, even I really like that blog thingie, mostly because of two special people...
So... I don't have something special to say... Just want to show, that I'm still alive!

Baibai ne?


November 10 [Sat], 2007, 0:30
this world is full of pretty girls, why I'm not able to be together with one of them? DD:
it depresses me. *laugh*
wanna see me? I've made a new picture today in the tram.

I love my current hair style and -color!
Somehow it reminds me of Taras one, but just a little bit. *laugh*
So I decided NOT to go to the JROCK-INVASION in Cologne because of some... several things. (´・ω・`)
I wanted to see SuG, Kagrra and Alice Nine, but I can't, because it's too much... too much feelings for someone, too much anger and all these things.
Hopefully I'll spend my new year's eve together with my beloved Tai sshi, I really miss her !
Now I'm working on pimpin' up my cellphone, because I got some material today. ⊂(^ω^)⊃ Oh and I'm thinkin' about buyin' a new kigurumi... this one , isn't that cute?! ヽ(*´д`*)ノ
I really want it, it's my looooovely favorite one!

That's the cat my family adopted, his name is Kasimir...
He's the king of our home! *laugh* And he's sooo cute when he rest in his special "bed" like at this picture.
Much0 love to kasimir, please! o(≧∀≦)o


October 26 [Fri], 2007, 0:22
long time no see ! *laugh*
It happened a LOT till the last entry, but I don't want to write too much about that all, because mostly is about my feelings and so on...
Over the weekend I was in Berlin and Cologne to see ガゼット live in concert.
And once again I realized, how beautiful and gorgeous Uruha is! my little ducky. . .~ ⊂(^ω^)⊃
ガゼット gave a autograph session in a mall, so Kasu and I skipped school and went to Berlin to get an autograph... I think, there were over 1000 people and only a ONE THIRD or just the HALF got an autograph because of the stupid management. (-ω-)
But when I stood in front of Uruha I forgot EVERYTHING. This man is so great, beautiful and cute, I can't describe it!

I gave him a bottle Moet&Chandon [35 euro FTW.] and a handmade scarf with his name on it... Hope, he likes it.
On the next day there was the live in Berlin and OMG they played Cassis... I mean... CASSIS. I LOVE this song and they played it, I was so happy ! ヽ(*´д`*)ノ
Emotional death in a triple pack:
- Calm envy
- Taion
- Chizuru

Neck death in a triple pack:
- Sugar pain
- Discharge

And they played RUDER! (*ω*) In cologne they played Toguro instead of Cassis and Regret instead of... can't remember... Also Anti-pop was on their playlist. This was my 4th concert of them and I swear, when they'll come back [and I'm sure, they'll do.], then I'll go again to two concerts.
Wanna see my autographs? :D

The Reita one is now in the hands of my beloved babySTAR.
And a blurry picture of my honehs ~

Thank you so much for these wonderful lives !


October 12 [Fri], 2007, 20:26
Do you want to see my cosplay for the Frankfurter book fair? (*´д`*)/
Heeeeere you are!
Saturday → housewife:

Sunday → kuromi kigurumi:

I really loooooove my kigurumi, it's sweet and sooo soft! I'm just a little bit afraid of the bookfair, u know? because of her... I'm afraid, that I can't kanon keep away from alcohol. (´・ω・`) Because I love her and I don't want to see her drunken...
However, I hope, I'll have fun @ the bookfair! ⊂(^ω^)⊃


October 09 [Tue], 2007, 5:50
Guess who added me @ yaplog?
Haha... You really don't know, how happy I'm now, even soooo much other got added by him.
... It's good enough for me.
Soooo... On Friday my dear Kasu was @ my home and cutted my hair. ⊂(^ω^)⊃

Yeah, I know, you're proud of yourself, aren't you? *laugh*
Today I bought the Moet & Chandon for Uruha... Now we're ready with Uruhas, Rukis, Reitas and Aois gifts, only Kais is in progress.
And I think it's late enough to go to bed... I'm tired like hell and worried.
Don't give up, my little babystar... I'm always there for you...

おやすみ、私の親愛なる人 ! ヽ(*´д`*)ノ


October 03 [Wed], 2007, 5:13

It's said, if you kiss a person at the highest point from a big wheel, you'll find your love.

'cause I can't stop to think about you girl . . .
I want us to be together . . .


September 26 [Wed], 2007, 0:30
ahhhhhh, たら一てん is lazy, please forgive me! (つд`*)
But I'm in school again now and all it's so full of stress and so much to learn and to write. *laugh*
second my cellphone is broken, so I can't make pictures of myself and so on... *sigh*
Hopefully it will be okay soon.

Only two months and then Gazette will come back to germany, yay!
Kasu bought the gifts for Reita, Ruki and Aoi today and now I have to sew the gift for Kai and for Uruha...
The train and the hotel are booked, too, I think, nothing can stop us now from seeing Gazette!
We will be in Berlin and in Cologne.. I hope, they'll be great like always. ⊂(^ω^)⊃

Tara-chama made a new picture and he looks soooo good with his new hair color!

Oh and my current fandom is:

They're sososo cute together! *love*

So... Now I will take a shower...
Take care.~
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I wish I could be a baby☆STAR. ヽ(*´д`*)ノ
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