Let me introduce myself1. 

2004年09月05日(日) 0時31分
Hi dude.
My name is incognito. Coz I do not know who you are.
But you can call me EATMYHOG.

Anyways, Nice to meet you mate.
Welcome to my blog.
First of all, let me introduce myself.

I am a 25 year old Asian male.
My nationality is Japan.
I am a Japanese.
I am single.

And ah, I am kind of a bum.
I mean I do not have a full-time job.
I do part-time job as an English tutor.

As long as my being a bum continues in Japan,
I am a LOSER in the light of some Japanese conventional criteria.
but I do not give a fuck that.
As Frank said i did it my way.
As Bon Jovi sings, i just want to live my own life.

I am both a bum and a loser in Japan

I am slppy. you can easily tell that i am sloppy if you come to my house.
My room is beyond description if you describe how messy my room is.

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