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2006年03月08日(水) 16時09分
A savings bank of a pig advertises a pro-pig (a money box page of one's pig) and collects piglets (I let a visitor register himself/herself newly), and it is a pocket money income tool of a purpose to get a reward by one's piglet clicks introduction URL, and registering it with various sites. When user's registration passes, I become a piglet at first. With the page that I got from a pro-pig, your page is completed in what I renew in introduction ID of one's various registration slowly. Free!
Free! Simply! A pocket money income support tool "money box of a pig"
Hello! A site of "Pig's Bank" is favorite tomboo. tomboo seems to be all of you, too; "do only a good story, and will try to register it though is slightly doubtful because is interested?" I thought it to be "and registered myself willingly. The (*^^)v trifle that met the pro-pig which I support really kindly if I register myself is plain and explains it by an email and it is it to a member of a pro-pig and supports tomboo to piglets with every effort in the same way now. When it wants to save pocket money steadily in good environment, in tomboo which it thought of, it is the best site. I registered myself, and money came to be transferred to e-bank little by little for three months. Be glad of \ (^o^) / very for joy! ! It is only really a few people that a result is given if I do my best alone while I am so short. It has a wish realized in "a pig bank" site. I want you to taste this best feeling. I will try so hard that a wallet swells out with tomboo! !
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