Happy New Year 2006! 

2005年12月31日(土) 6時12分
Boy, new year is here~!!

WELCOME, year 2006!

This year's resolution has not been yet set,
but I hope many good things will happen to
all of you !

From the Jackson's

Merry Christmas 

2005年12月22日(木) 3時36分
Merry Christmas!

Ho ho ho !

The Chikayama-Jackson's wish you
and your family a happy new year , too!

, Paul & Taeko

Tax Season! 

2005年12月17日(土) 9時15分
Finally, the tax season for 2005 is starting!
We the workers are prepareing forJanuary ....
It's been very busy in the office ,
and I ' m also training the
personell for answering the phone

Therefore it's so unfortunate I won't be
able to update my taekoism
any longer...

But! I ask you to sometimes check in
to my page
and see if I had any time to update it.

Thank you for visiting here today.

99c batteries 

2005年12月14日(水) 3時06分
I went to the store to get
the batteries for my beloved
camera this morning again

We went to the
99 cents store on the weekend,
and bought some batteries.
I thought my
camera was going to work just fine.

after 15 minutes of totall usage time,
the batteries ran out of the power
So, I was wondering
if the other 2 sets of the batteries would
work...but the same thing happened.

So, I couldn't take any
picture yesterday

Tonight, I'm going to a regular store
to get the batteries for camera .

99cents store, I'm not blaming you...
because you have quite a huge variety of
goodies, it's just me who didn't know
any better to get ones from elsewhere...

So, hopefully I can update
"Taekoism" with more pictures tomorrow!


2005年12月13日(火) 3時30分
The easiest dessert in the world and
it tastes so darn good!

Brownie made with Harshey's Cocoa
(Not already cut, but sheet-one's will be perfect )
Vanilla Ice Cream

1. cut Brownie out of the container
2. Place it on a bowl ( Microwavable)
3. Heat it for 50 seconds.

( If refridgerated, it may take more,
if room-temperture, 40 seconds will do)
Find for yourself the best length to be warmed!

4. Dump scoops of Ice creams on top!!
...and it's all done, enjoy!

It's so yum you'll be hooked up w/it!

Chef Paul 

2005年12月13日(火) 3時22分
My husband can cook very well
and he cooked for us a
"Turkey Tacos" for the dinner

Pic. of him working hard in the kitchen...

and in 30min , he finished cooking!

( )

In each bowl, all the ingredients are prepared.

So that I can stuff my tortilla with
whatever I want .

After I put everything I wanted,
just bring each end together, and
"Itadaki-masu~" yummm~

Of course I had the 2nds .

Sunset at the beach 

2005年12月13日(火) 3時17分
we went to beach
on Friday evening before dinner , after
running errands for the weekend.

We're so close to the beach , we got there
before the sunset.

View in front of us

...to our Right

...to our Left

...to our back

And then, the beautiful sunset


2005年12月10日(土) 3時45分
Last night , my batteries for the
digital camera died...

We went out to eat
again at "Yoshinoya" and
I tried to take a picture
of my bowl ...and failed.

Since I (we actually) got the
camera , I 've been using
it quite often...
Paul says " You've been taking soo much
pictures, it's about time batteries died"

" ........."

Hopefully, we could get the batteries, and
take more pictures

Till then! everyone ~

sun set 

2005年12月09日(金) 4時28分
Yesterday I noticed the sun set
from the office window .

Aside from the ocean view ,
I like seeing the sun set.

It really looks like fall around here....
I want "Yaki-imo"; the Japanese style
Grilled Sweet Potatoes...


2005年12月09日(金) 4時22分
After dinner, we
HAVE TO have dessert .
well, technically we don't have to have it,
but we crave for sweets.

Even though it's fall and cold outside,
we tend to have
ice creams for dessert .

Paul want's a huge serving,
and I go for a smaller serving...

By the way, my serving is in a
Japanese soup bowl called " O-wan"
yummm ....it's straberry ice cream!
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