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One hundred and seventieth chapters "Qin Brother, front left, there is a small hole, go from there." "Qin brother, in front of three years, there is a fork in the road, from the left into an intersection." "Straight ahead , right right right, rush rush, this is just a cover-up, not really rock, papered it, rushed over. "" in front of caution, I was there a trap Ann, got to close to the ground in the past. " "Close your eyes Close your eyes, where I had set the flash character, very glare of." "I rely on, the array ancestors, you Ah in the end how much cloth traps, too damaged!" Qin Lang closed his eyes, escaped The outbreak of the flash symbol, along the road front ancestral refers rapid shuttling children hang in the mines. Evil behind in hot pursuit, their path, mined have become a gray sè. "Hey, Qin brother, after all, I was the master of the second layer Well, my site, and will definitely decorate various traps, otherwise, how worthy of my ancestors array name." Hey ancestral array laughed, surprised a first glance shouted: "Be careful, do not be in front of those pillars touch, otherwise it will cause a chain of explosions." "your sister!" Qin Lang cursed loudly, figure changes, like a slippery fish are generally , flash turn maneuvers in the air. "Gone over,Oakley Sunglasses Plaintiff, in front of an eighth bend, rock is very hard, very tortuous mine road, there is no shortcut ah." Array ancestral face looked Qin Lang tragedy. "Damn it, and so I went out to find you afterwards." Qin Lang angry stare blowing the nose, but it did not have recourse but to turn left, turn right at the turn eighteen years. People no matter how fast the reaction more quickly, there will be a time interval. The spread of evil would have no obstacles, just like the flood poured in general. "Qin Brother, there is a thing I have to tell you about." Array ancestral yù hesitant look to Qin Lang'd like to give him. "There fart quick release!" Qin Lang where there is thought ignores him. "Er er, the second layer of exports in the most central location, is that the location of septic tanks, and you came in time to fall into that." Array ancestral Here, paused, see Qin Lang did not attack, pine a deep breath, then said: "There is the most central and evil, it is spread from four weeks to the center." "Do you mean to say that we have now been surrounded by evil? become Wengzhongzhibie up?" Qin Lang two eye stare. "So to speak." Array ancestral alarmed, said, after all, this second layer is arranged themselves down,Louis Vuitton Online, it can be said that a great impact on the Qin Lang speed. If this Fiends annoyed that he can not discuss good fruit to eat. "Mom.'s." Qin Lang some thought BS-ing, there is going to catch up with the back of his evil ass, facing front ancestral shouted: "Where's the rock thinner?" "Ah, um, the next the next bend After a layer of rock are relatively thin material was not enough, and I stole a lazy, just get some stone-filled. "" Ah you cut corners, shabby, damn. "Qin Lang cursed loudly, issuing body muffled bang, even broke out a strength of the crystal. Rate jumped again, Qin Lang lazy bend in the eighteenth Shui to Guaiqu, and facing the wall, bulkhead rushed up, but not with the head, but dishing out gold sè pagoda, with a sharp spire The arrow pierced the layers of rock, this way, the forward speed suddenly improved a lot, but evil is also a corresponding increase in the speed a little. "Song day the old man did not seem to suppress the evil spirits that dwell ah." Hole Ling said. "That guy does not know Xuecheng intruder in the end what the hell touched the stuff, Song reinforced the old seal is not to say it? How would suddenly pop out evil spirits." "Seal is reinforced, but the seal is repression evil things of the body, while the evil spirits should be a long-standing breeding leaked evil spirits, but also powerful. Perhaps this is also a means of evil things, from the outside to the impact of the seal. "hole Ling thought a moment, just said slowly, this is his reasoning. "The evil thing! In the end is what ..." Qin Lang heart remembered,Oakley Polarized, golden burst shè, layer after layer of rock pierced. "Qin brother, soon to exit." Array ancestral happy face, just follow the Qin Lang out of here, and that they regain zìyóu, as long as there zìyóu, everything that exists. possible. "Seemingly not so easy ah." Qin Lang actually slightly reduced speed, once again Zuoshan hiding. "How is it?" Front ancestors looked heard, but it is almost too frightened. Septic tank on the huge ash cloud is dense, has long been filled with monstrous gray gas, even malodorous smoke blackening the sky turned into a beach septic ashes sè the urine. Even in the septic tank where you can still see a human form of the body, seems to be those who come to mineral exploration, has just entered the second layer hapless. "It's over, it was all over · · · ·" array ancestors sat on the ground, a thoroughly thought he was going to fart burp child, he was on a qualm. Themselves trapped in a countless number of years here, seeing there is hope, and who knows not seen outside of the sun, it was smothered. Qin Lang this time also did not care so much, that he did not want other people to know Cave Stone micro-existence, but to this moment, there is no way. Qin Lang, who threw the stone slightly inside the cave, while the cave completely closed, completely isolated from the outside world, and even the light is completely closed. Cave in the dark a whole, there is no trace of light. As a result, even micro-stone into the cave and others, do not know what this place. "Hole spirit, fight, life and death in one fell swoop of this." Critical situation at the moment, the road ahead is already occupied by evil, and even exports are being occupied, it will instead make Qin Lang calm down. "Rest assured, including on me." Hole Ling also know the next matter of survival. "Explosive!" Qin Lang light drink soon, the body suddenly shocked, the strength of the grain last moment broke out. On the strength of a crystal there are a lot of energy, then broke out again, Qin Lang body's vitality can be described as adequate to the extreme, the entire body, revealing a trace every pore gold, needed a place to vent. "Washed it!" Qin Lang burst drink soon, shining golden pagoda will Qin Lang entire body enveloped up, I saw a golden pagoda sè headlong into a gray sè the evil being, like a gold sè Arrows headlong into a quagmire of Wang gray sè same. Pagoda pierce deeply into evil, and flew toward the exit over the septic tank, there have been evil on the golden pagoda burning exhausted, relative, such as mud-like viscous evil also limits the forward pagoda trend. "Worse Finally, the last point." Qin Lang clenched his teeth, like a spider's web is bound to live birds in general, constantly struggling forward, forward, and then move on. Finally, the spire pierced the evil, to probe into the septic tank over the export, like a black hole that is left as a swirl of dust-sized hole, appeared to have completely disappeared. "Cave, spatial cross!" At the moment the hole disappears, Qin Lang's stature in situ disappeared.
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