Jill Stuart Illuminance Collection

December 28 [Sun], 2008, 17:40
Jill Stuart Illuminance Collection
Illuminace collection was introduced in Fall 08. Many items from this collection caught my eyes especially the Illuminace Eyes. I had a hard time deciding which one to get and ended up with #4 and #5 which is the limited item. All the four shades are very glittery and lovely, but because they are so glittery, sometimes the glitters do fall out a lot. Another item that I got is the Mix Blush Compact, two limited colors were introduced and I picked up the #101 Platinum. The package of Illunimance mix blush compact is different than the regular one by having lace decoration on the cover and some shimmer decorated on the face of the blushes which goes away after a few uses.
Next month, new shade of Illuminace eyes will be introduced for the Spring collection, I'm not sure whether I'll get it this time as I've collected up a few of JS e/s and now I'd like something more matte than glittery.

Mix Blush Compact Illuminance #101 Platinum Illuminance

Illuminance Eyes # 5 Flash Veil

Illuminance Eyes #4 Aqua Crystal

Jill Stuart Foundation Kit

December 05 [Fri], 2008, 19:58
This post will be on my most favorite cosmetics brand, Jill Stuart I've just started collecting their stuff this year since b4, their stuff is only available in Japan, but now also in Taiwan and this month in HK!~*

My recent purchases from JS is the foundation kit which came with a newly launched makeup base and powder foundation + a vintage makeup pouch!* Honestly, I got this kit purely becoz of the pouch...

For these 2 products - The makeup base works well to cover pores and smoothing out the skin. It's very watery and dry instantly.. definitely suit ppl with large pores. The smooth silk powder foundation is great as well. I got this in 101, the coverage is about medium to full, not so great with oil control but won't turn dull after a few hrs. Staying power is average. The finishing is matte and silky. Apart from the weak oil controlling power, I really like these 2 products and since the color looks great on my skin, maybe I'll get the liquid foundation next

Smooth Silk Powder Foundation

Pure Lasting Makeup Base

Makeup Pouch

Samantha Thavasa wallet

January 13 [Sun], 2008, 23:15
Samantha Thavasa New York

Finally, after four years using the same old wallet.. I think this new year is a perfect time to give myself a treat

I have been looking for a new wallet for almost half yr .. but there are too many nice ones out there which gave me a tough time to make a decision! (or maybe I'm just too greedy and want them all lol ) Anyway, I ended up getting this pink long wallet from Samatha Thavasa from the New York collection. I came accross this brand while I was in Japan last year and after that I just fell in love with it I wish there's a shop here but I guess it's best not to LOL


January 11 [Thu], 2007, 16:10
*~ My Fragrances ~*

Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey I bought this one in the summer 2007. Have been wanting it for so long.. because I couldnt choose b/w Gucci Envy Me 2 and this ^^ hehe anyway I ended up with this one~ My all time favourite~

Anna Sui Secret Wish This came out in the Summer 2006 and Jacky bought it for me right away! because the bottle is just tooooo pretti!~* Didnt even bother about the scent lol , just so in loved with the bottle. In the picture shown, I've used up so the actual color of the fragrance is green, very pretty. However, it's not long lasting so I probably wont waste any money on Anna Sui's fragrance again unless I cant resist the packaging.

Chanel COCO Mademoiselle Got this from Mom last time when I went back to Thailand, she had a whole bunch of brand new ones that are still new!!! Still in boxes!!! So I steal this one haha~ becoz it's one of the famous fragrance from Chanel; however, the smell is too strong and I hardly use it .. it's nice for a woman 30+ yrs up, not me haha.

Sisley Eau De Soir Again, another one from mom, she had 2 of them so I took one without trying. The smell is a bit old, suitable for mature women so I'll probably take it back for her lol but then I really like the bottle, so elegant

Celine Dion This one is the first fragrance I received from anyone. It's from Jacky, he gave it to me when I gradated high school! How Sweet?! Well, probably the 1st gift I have ever received from any guys in my life. So I still keep it (but not using it lol) because I dont really like the smell (it's a bit old) but well.. at that time, this was probably the newest fragrance in the market.. so it's new.

Burberry London

January 03 [Wed], 2007, 19:08
Burberry Lodon

I just received this from Jacky as my X'mas present ~ The newest fragrance from Burberry London. Got it in a 100 ml bottle ~ this is my second bottle of Burberry fragrance. Da bottle comes with a simple design but then it has da Burberry style pattern cloth covers da whole bottle, very unique.

It's a mixture of :
Clementine, Honeysuckle, English Garden Rose, Tiare Flower, Jasmine, Peony, Veil of Musks, Indian Sandalwood, Patchouli.
The style is : Elegant. Modern. Feminine. (as stated on Sephora)

Burberry Weekend I received this from Bow when I went back last time, thanks a lot to her!! She's so nice and I love this fragrance, the smell is really soft and fresh. The bottle is cute too, i like the cap a lot .. it has the Burberry knight on it, so cool.
It's a mixture of:
Tangerine, Sape Greeness, Red Cyclamen, Blue Hyacinth, Wild Rose, Iris, Cedarwood, Musk.

Guerlain Meteorites

December 30 [Sat], 2006, 23:17
Guerlain Meteorites Perles De Velours
Holiday 2006 Limited Edition

Another product from my favourite brand of makeup ~ Guerlain This Meteorites is the limited edition for 2006 X'Mas .. the color is Perles De Velours , a mixture of red, white, beige, glitter red etc. The Meteorites pearls is a famous product from Guerlain and finally I have one Actually I wanted to buy it in Winter Radiance , but then it's last year limited edition and by da time I went to buy .. T_T it's already sold out and now I cant buy it anymore. Anyway this year I didn't miss da chance! Actually went to Richmond Centre today but it was sold out so I went to downtown and luckily they have! and 15% off too Lucky lucky ~ Anyway this thing will probably last 4ever so I'll start to collect them from this year hehe ^^

Juicy Couture holiday ornaments

December 27 [Wed], 2006, 18:32
Juicy Couture Limited Holiday Ornaments

This is an exclusive limited holiday ornaments from Juicy ... the box is hughhh and very cute a big pink heart box and has Juicy logo on it .. so lovely. Well.. I didn't buy this haha ~ I wont coz I dont have X'mas tree so I actually don't know what's da use of those beautiful ornaments but since da lovely lady at da shop gave it to me as a gift when I bought the earrings and the ipod case ( I guess she knew I like Juicy ^^) so of coz I took it .. maybe I'll have X'mas tree some day lol ~ anyway thx to the sale lady

Juicy Couture

December 27 [Wed], 2006, 18:07
Juicy Couture
This Christmas holidays just stayed at home for da whole 3 weeks T__T so I got myself some Christmas presents On da boxing day went to Downtown and bought 2 Juicy stuff ~ a pair of earrings and the Ipod case.

Here's the earrings
It's a hoop and has five hearts saying JUICY on it. Very lovely It comes with a pretty box too ^^

Here's the Ipod case
Actually I was hoping that I can get a white case but there weren't lots of choices since here is Canada V_V" just this pink one, a dark red and an ugly green so I decided to go with this one.. it's not that bad though :D I really like the J sign at the back

Sofina Pore Zone Care

December 26 [Tue], 2006, 23:55
Sofina Pore Zone Care Essence

This product is for those who have problems with pore size on the cheek area. Recently my cheeks has large pores and even other noticed it >< so I bought this although many people said it's not good... anyway I've been using it for 2 weeks now and it works on me The cheek area looks smoother and pores are less visible

Sonia Rykiel Makeup

December 17 [Sun], 2006, 17:36
Sonia Rykiel Compact Eye Shadow #01

Sonia Rykiel is a brand from Japan, a designer who opens up a cosmetic line as well just like Jill Stuart. HongKong also carries this brand. This is my second product from Sonia, before I also have an eye shadow but it's in green. Well ~ da package looks nice and da color seems pretty but it's not very pigmented, needs a lot to make to color shows up and it fades easily .. quite a disappointment